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Thursday, July 30, 2009


my boy, tyro ni..

he's been waking me up in the middle of the nite,
by eating my face!

it started approximately a month ago, about a few weeks before internship ended.
usually tyro would crawl all around my bed, that sometimes he'd end up at odd places. examples:
- in my tissue box
- handbags (different handbags everyday)
- wardrobe (seldom coz my cats would be able to find him but i think sometimes he likes the challenge.. naughty boy..)
- between the pillows

so yeah, i hardly bothered about where he would venture coz i know he likes the freedom to explore and its a good exercise for him. he sleeps when the sun's up, you see..

but now..
he would crawl up to my pillow, sniffs my face, and start eating my face up! he always aims for my nose, lips, ears, eyelids and sometimes my cheeks.

sakit kot!!!!

his teeth are so sharp and well.. sape la gigit tak sakit kan?
last nite, i was so annoyed with him always coming after my nose(even when i evaded or changed sides), i picked him up, and threw him to the end of my bed. i think he kinda scampered afterwards but then he came back to eat my face again. aiyoo.. ini budak aah..

i think he's trying to tell me that he wants a woman. i think he wants a family already..
but then.. i dont know anyone with a female sugarglider..

anyone out there with a female sugarglider, my tyro is a handsome, a year plus old, smart, well rounded, good taste, and very cute is available.

call me~
or just leave a comment.

cute kan?


mrChemist said...

what animal is that?

Perempuan cerdas said...

OH MY GOD SO CUTE! nak ambil and gigit2 and sentuh2 and curi simpan dalam bag senyap2.

oh hi.


Maria said...

hehehe.. cute kan!?! i'll be sure to pass on ur compliments to him. =p
he's my sugarglider, fyi.

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

adeh mana datang lak perempuan cerdas ni.

mrChemist said...

ohh...never seen one of those (n never heard the name oso, hehe) wonder i kept wondering when i looked at the picture..i can introduce him to my sis' hamster..nak tak?hehehe..
he's so huggable!!

moodey said...

i have one society in MMU cyberjaya,
we have this pet lovers' club. if you want to mate you sugarglider, i think i can arrange it for you.
i have alot of friends that has sugarglider. if you are interested just email me at

Maria said...

oh cool!!
i'll contact u asap!