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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


dont know what to put in for title..

i'm in v2 now. my temporary home for a couple of days.
should i mention why im here?
nah... i'd rather not.

i'm so jealous of all you people going around the campus..
walking here and there..
eating out now and then..

truth is,
i thought i was going to die yesterday, after the doctor told me of my temperature and stuff. and that i had to go to v2.
and in truth, i was in pain and i was weak.
but then at one point in my pain and suffering, i just thought it would be extremely pathetic and an insult to have my friends and family to remember that i had died for some pathetic reason.
i will not lay curled up in my bed the whole day and moan about like a weakling.
i will not make anyone worry about me.
i am going through all this and face all these sick ppl as long as i have to, but i'll do it with a smile and a drive that soon, i will join my ppl out there.
i'm not the eggman, neither am i the walrus.

i'm freaking Maria and i'm freaking Sagittarius!

1 day's sickness will not take my life away.
not in health, not socially.
i will get well!

i will see all of you at convo fair, and i will put on a humongous smile for all of you to see.
i want to be
"The Girl Who Was Quarantined But Smiled Like Crazy At Convo Fair"
ok, langsung tak catchy. hahaha!

thanx to all whose been there for me.


zalikha anas said...

get well soon maria,one thing for still looked awesome with ur mask and barney-like jumper(because its green and purple.

Maria said...

thanx for da compliment =p

Nina Alyssa said...

u kena quarantine babe?? get well soon k! xx