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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hello, we're the Sa'-uh-days (Saturdays)

title has no relative significance to what i'll be writing about. just that i've been hearing a lot of the ad on the radio..


me family were on our way to have dinner (susah gila nak decide, i might add)
on the way, mom told us about how her friend and her family are in the hospital for positive H1N1.
sad, i know.
then dad said
"now ada penyakit lagi teruk dari H1N1. cuba teka penyakit apa."

we were throwing all weird penyakits like penyakit MJ la, M1J1 la, H2N2 la..

abah said "no, no... its B1N1"

brothers and mom laughed.

but me being me, i didn't join in their joy and happiness of understanding dad's joke. oh yeah. typical.
i was wondering wat the 'B' stood for. babi? bee wan and 1? be one and1?

justeru itu, i asked dad what B1N1 is.

arief, my 12 year old brother, answered me coz i think my other brothers and my parents were a tad bit annoyed.

"bini la kak ena.."

dammit! i am lampi-er than my adik!


before dinner, we were watching all the videos of Mikael Jackson.
mom and i danced like crazy.
best gila! hehee..


now that we're done with dinner and lepaking at starbucks, mom's giving abah a facial.

how cute are they? hahaha!!


oh this morning, myself, abah and mamamia went to hulu langat with my uncles' family to eat fresh fruits.
i went overboard with the durian until i slept like crazy on our way back, and i zone in and out while walking, eating and talking.
durian best doohh..
thank God that my mouth and burps stop smelling like durian after drinking coke. thank you coca cola mola!


oh my, oh my.
i'm reporting today's activities.. pelik sungguh. hehee!
can't wait to present this tuesday and i definitely can't wait to get over with this internship! i want my sithick mee goreng!!! and i can't wait to hear about the redang adventures. =B


Ernie Azera said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaah.mee goreng sithik,hot to go!!

I miss gossip-ing dlm bilik,im SICK with food court KLCC arggghh

Maria said...

tu la pasalllll!! ni nak gossip je kena meet up somewhere la, plan2 la.. tak easy access tangsung. i miss u roomie!!

woody said...

B1N1 makes sense when u write it down..
but by just saying makes me go "........... O_o?"

why.don' said...

thats because mu xturung cherating bilo kawe dtng.sbb tu mu dok pahang.huahuahua!
thats just you.
if not it wouldn't be you.

Ernie Azera said...

Guess what? I have my own influenza!haha

Maria said...

wat?? ur own influenza???

woody said...

ask, come 'my corner'
we talk business

why.don' said...

bong.jom.aku nak jek dade kau tgk kua darah ke x kat idung.

Merissa K. said...

maaayaa, this one takpe kot. i pun did not get the whole b1n1 business. you aint alone homie! :)