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Monday, March 16, 2009

put on ur wellington boots when its raining.

oh oh oh.

oh oh oh.

oh oh oh.

oh oh oh. *knights of cydonia as theme song please*

i had quit my job in ****  last friday!
it was so sudden sampai i didnt have time to be sad. only afterwards i felt it.

monday kan cuti.
so tuesday i went to work as usual. duduk dpn laptop, main lalala.
then i got a call from bumi armada. they wanted to interview me the next day, wednesday.
and i got more calls. 2 interviews on thursday.

then wednesday and thursday ponteng kerja.
i told my friends to tell whoever asked that my carburetor(wat da hell dat is pun i tak tau. i know its part of the engine or something) masuk air.

turns out, my friends didnt tell anyone of my excuse. i think they were scared they mite slip out the truth.

so si HR tu called me into her office on friday. kena sound la.

"maria, why didnt u called the office to say ur not coming?"

dat was all i heard. in my head cam "bila nak bagi resignation letter? should i tell her i looked for other companies?"

after her last word which was "ok?"

and mine "ok"

i left the room, and straight away i got a call from a KL number.
yay! i was accepted in Bumi Armadaaaaa!!
trus went to my laptop, copy paste the resignation letter, print and pap!

amik kau HR!
she was surprised, i can see it through her makeup.
but she wasnt sad. there was a tinge of relief when she saw the letter. maybe she knew it was coming. oh well.
she immediately approved it.

then, i told my friends there which was difficult. that day was my last day and i had a few hours left with them.

i was glad leaving the **** company but my friends there are true. they were so easy to get along with and they taught me so many things about life and work.

now that im in a new place, going through the 'introduction' phase again was very boring and not as exciting as how it was da first time. eventhough it was million times better than the **** place, i cant help missing it.

cant wait for the internship to be over.


Anonymous said...

hahaha. bododiesel! thank god i x amik platinum gak! dah la dorg tipu kite. hoho. Good luck with ur new company btw! i foresee frequent lunches for the remaining 4 months.

[YeOp] said...





nana41 said...

wah dah intern tempat baru ek,,sukanya,,nk jg pndah2,,wawawawa,,