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Thursday, March 19, 2009

plate numbersss

cant help it. have. to . do . this.

*nate mu! or, heyya mate. me name's nate!*

JES 519

WMS 143
*wong ming shen, i love you!*

NAJ 15

AAN 15
*aanis? ahmad anis? abdul anis?*

*jedi! watashi wa yoda des!*

RA 1580
* i just like the number*

DR 4212
* Dr Aziz*

MR 8008
*Mr Boob*

MAR 14
*yeslah, MARIA bebeh!*

these are the plate numbers i saw and remembered. except MAR 14 la. dat one i dah chop for my future and more hebat car. so anyone with that plate number, u'll be seeing fists and feet soon. muahahahahhaa!!


paan terjatuh lagi. said...

L 14
TR 105
NAD 14
L 15 = lamborghini
MR 2 = toyota mr2
PEN 15 = an accord.

Maria said...

wah!! pen 15?? pervert siottt!

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

mayb die tak perasan accord.=)

Maria said...

haha! tgk2 its a girl's car.

[YeOp] said...

AAN 15 tu UTPian. Anis. She's my batch. Dah grad pun. hehe~

I pernah nampak:-

AL 14 - Alia
MAF 14 - Mafia
LD 15 - Lois

If MAR 14 is your dream no, my dream no would be RAD 21 = RADZI! hehehe~

p/s: Kalo my future wife nama Maria, I will masuk tender for MAR 14. Saja nak kaco u. Haha! :P

Maria said...

he eleh! nak cari gaduh with me? jangan laaaaa.. ='(

oh i just saw
TR 155 : Triss! or trish? cuma takde 'h'

Adreen Nordin said...

AAN 15 tu cousin i nye kete. yep. nama die anis. or i panggil die kak long.

Maria said...

i didnt know u had a cousin kat utp?!!?
haha! mmg i saw it in utp pun. bestnya...

[YeOp] said...

no lah. just kidding.

u guna la 'org dalam' from jpj. sure dapat lah MAR 14. hehehe~

Anonymous said...

hey maria, i was browsing through your older posts. just dropping by to tell u that my art teacher (when i was still in school), her name is maria. dia bawak BMW X3 if im not mistaken and her plat number is MAR 14. go give her fists and feets! haha! :)) by the way u rock!

Anonymous said...

my mummy is using ANI55 n my daddy is using DR 212 :) cool is it?

Suziwati Effendi said...

Hey. MAR14 is my aunt's btw. Still mahu fisting? LoL