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Monday, January 5, 2009

to end something

that has been great for so long

to see someone you love

get hurt so much

yet i did it

i chose

and it wasnt him

it was me.

i killed him, and i sat idly by.

allowing it to happen.

yet he thanked me.

after all the hurt i did on him.

the smiles and laughters we shared.

all will be placed in my memories.

all our sacrifices, hardships and all the misses

yes, i've said goodbye to that.

i said goodbye to him.

and it was the hardest decision of my life.

because once upon a time

i called him 'my life'.

he was me. mine.

and now

he's gone.

- i am guilty.


Anonymous said...

i'll pay high price to have ur used panties

Merissa K. said...

ala babe.. dont sound so sad. huhuhu. i nangis nanti.


and to mr anon, thats just sick.

Diana said...

umi, u okay tak ni?
kenape ni?

Anonymous said...

i never knew u had a blog..its not ur fault ena..its a part of u tht u cnt help..u like new things in life..u easily get bored of,i accepted e'thing tht is happening k..dnt feel bad..i just wnt u to do wats best for ur slf..he might be da right 1 for u..he does seem like it..i wish u well..n i just wnt u to knw,tht i never stoped loving u..i dnt have a heart anymore to love,so im loving u with my brains..hahaha..take care ena..

ErneyErney said...

u know maria,if we're in our room in UTP right now,I think we're both will cry on your bed,nden the next day we'll go to brg murah kat ipoh parade,then we'll singgah oldtown,mkn hor fun.then kite blk bilik n carik new episodes of gossip girl & antm.we'll watch it till midnight n go to sleep.

you'll be your heart.

Maria said...

yeah.. i miss u roomie! oh jgn lupa.. how i met ur mother. hehe...

Lya said...

hugs! banyak2..
i hv this particular memory in my head that makes it so sad reading this. haha over lak. hugs again tho :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

watever happened..or watever will happen..i knw for a fact that we will end up together anyway..

-let's dance-