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Thursday, January 8, 2009

oh my shit.

few things happened dat i dont bother telling:

1. yes, i broke up with nik. dont worry about me, im fine. see--> =D

2. on new year's eve, one of the bosses asked me where i'll be celebrating new years'.
i said (with a poyo tone) "oh sir, im going to heritage row! join me there la! hehhee".
well he said "oh haha!"

rupanya dia betul2 pegi heritage row.

3. the HR manager rearranged the seating plan in the office. and she placed me in the same office as all the big bosses.
CEOs, COOs, and watnots.



Anonymous said...


Merissa K. said...

ugh. mcm pelik je dia pergi heritage betul2. haha. habis la cik maria ada stalker.