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Monday, January 12, 2009


here's a quiz for you:
if you can answer this 1 question, a prize awaits!


positu = positive

negatu = negative

derivatu = derivative

resu = ___

you may submit your answers at the comment box.

hint: imagine or remember our bloved lecturers i.e. faiz (DE), murugesan (Sepro), whichever lecturer from india la.


adib said...

im a stalker im a stalker

ErneyErney said...

first of all,resu tu ape?

Anonymous said...

only few responds to u my dear. they all hate u.

care to start business?

Inana Douie said...

resu = result


gila weird. mana dapat? hahaha!

nana41 said...

haha mcm2 la ko nih maria

Anonymous said...

fly a kite...

Maria said...

adib: salah
ern: well, u have to answer la
anonymous: so what? & no thanx. kiss ur own ass yeah.
inot: sorry.. salah juga..
nana: BETUL!
BMB: salah.

da correct answer is receive!
hehe.. nana will get a kiss from me.

Anonymous said...

lets fly a kite..

Anonymous said...

please my dear..

nana41 said...

wah bru ku sedari ku mnjawab dgn betul,,hahaha
nak adiah jg,,nk adiah...