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Saturday, November 29, 2008


i am not a shopaholic
i am a spendaholic
i buy clothes i wont wear
i buy food when im not hungry
i buy books when i dont feel like reading
i buy presents when i dont have anyone to give it to
i buy shoes when i have tons already
i buy
i buy
i buy
thank you Petronas
for giving me monthly allowances
for making my spendings
i love u Petronas.
i do
i do
i doooooooo...

went to Bijou Bazaar today with ernie bernie and bellabelon.
it was F.U.N!!
i bought dresses, and i dont remember when i started wearing dresses.. pelik tul.. but they're cute! and cheap!
i also made an awesome investment (thank you Econs) on these cute shoes! its a bit of oxford-y and sandal-y and its high heels!! comel gila! only RM50!!! oooohhh.. saya cinta kasut baru saya.. umm.. apa lagi ek.. well we all walked around lines of clothes till we all got dizzy and tired. but it was F.U.N! fun fun fun! we girls love clothes. and spending. heehehee!!

-i need a spending advisor.

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