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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

of recent events.



tahun ni, memang pelik.

wait, i think pelik is not the right word.. more like, challenging.

i think we all have our own personal issues to deal with, which is no surprise - we keep on changing! it's inevitable to have personal issues, kan? but what i'm talking about now is the unfortunate events we malaysians are facing this year.

i think it's most challenging for our PM.
i don't know what it truly feels like to be under the microscope, with people from all over the world are just observing and waiting to criticise, since the missing airplane MH370, but i bet it doesn't feel like sunshines and rainbows.

up till today, MH 370 is still lost.
speculations and rumours remained unproven because there are no evidence whatsoever.

malaysia and malaysians are bashed from every sides, just because.

and then, the visit of Obama.

honestly, i was never his supporter.
i never liked american government. i followed Vigilant Citizen (check them out: and i sort of know what illuminati is.
it's really scary. their focus is brainwashing us into thinking that "the end of the world" needs to be partied off and not repent, to have one world order, to have one person to rule the world.
in short, they are inviting dajjal.

i know this has nothing to do with our country's current situation, but having Obama in malaysia made me scared because i thought it might mean that americans think they have gained access into our country.

i do not want to malaysia to be another iraq.

i might be overboard into thinking such, but hey. being a mom, i want to have security and protection from any kinds of harm for my family. i think everyone can relate to that, regardless you are married or not, have families or not. we all don't want to be defenceless and then rely on people who said they would help, but didn't. and yes, i do think to the extreme because i am paranoid like that.

nauzubillah min zalik! nauzubillah min zalik.

and in this holy ramadhan, gaza is being attacked mercilessly by the damned zionists.

zionists. illuminati.


it's so obvious now to the point that the world is starting to see what obama truly is: a hypocrite.
all over the world, people make protests against the genocide, even in america! but yet, zionists will still make it seem as if they are the victims.
they are using the media to cover up the truth, they use reporters to give biased reports, they use obama to stand for their "rights to defend themselves".

but do you really think we're that blind, ha zions?
do you really think people can stay ignorant for long?

the internet is useful nowadays. and it doesn't help you much, zions.

and very recent, the shooting of MH 17.

how can anyone be so cruel as to shoot down a commercial flight?
many planes went through the same course as MH 17, and it's not as if a person can't differentiate a commercial plane and an army plane, kan?

of course, speculations went flying all over, some saying it's a way of creating "war sparks" between america and russia.

i do not know the details nor truth yet, but in sha Allah, soon all will be revealed.

in sha Allah soon, everything will be revealed.

Allah is The Almighty. He gave us this tests, these events (eventhough very unfortunate and sad) to remind us who has The Power to change all situations, to show us the real enemies, to bring us closer as an ummah, and He provided us with knowledge, means of getting knowledge, and the inspiration and strength to fight.

i remember when i went to TOPS by aqsa syarif.
i wanted so badly to go to Palestine myself. but masa tu, tak cukup dana and i couldn't contribute anything, so some people suggested i collect donations instead.
ye la, kalau gi sana duk menyemak je buat apa kan? i tak reti nak jahit stitch on a  wound, or make the israel army had over their weapons and run away. lebih elok kalau i can help increase their supplies untuk kegunaan kat sana.

so now, what's the point of this blogpost?
i'm just so sad of what's happening right now, and i just thought we should share precaution.

our muslim brothers and sisters who are victimised because they are standing in the name of Allah SWT and Nabi Muhammad SAW, they need us. they need our help and our prayers.

the sunni syrians. the rohingya muslim. the chinese muslims in xinjiang.
i love them so much for their strength.
i can only imagine, and i imagine that it would be scary if men in uniforms stand at my front door with their guns pointed at me and my family, and tell me to leave islam or else, they'll shoot.

nauzubillah min zalik.

i pray that if ever that time comes.. i would choose to be a martyr.
just like our heroes.


ps: sorry for my extreme imagination!


ireminisces said...

Asalamu alaikum,

Thnaks for sharing come share some words at ireminisces with Virtues of Four Rak'aah Sunnah of Zuhr & Asr
Take Care

nur aleeya said...

nice post, sis.
let us together pray for peace of ISLAM.
zionist laknatullah.!

Anasyg said...

those imaginations can come true right here in Malaysia if we choose to put on blindfold, cloud our minds with false statements and don't care to lift our hands and pray. Allah knows something that we don't, like how u'd put it. : Soon, He'll reveal everything. Jgn putus doa utk saudara2 kita di sana. Allahu~

Nadia Dscarnia said...

Ws salam Kak Maria, saya setuju.. Dulu kita sekadar melihat dari jauh, bagaimana saudara kita diuji di Negara sendiri. Kini, giliran kita pula. Kita bukan sekadar hilang pesawat, kita juga kehilangan nyawa, saudara, keyakinan dan kesetiaan. Walaupun masih ramai di antara kita yang tak sedar dan tertipu dengan media terutamanya media barat, saya cuma berharap pemimpin kita bijak dan sentiasa berwaspada. Semoga Allah selalu bersama beliau, saudara seislam kita dan kita semua. Memberi petunjuk yang benar, kekuatan untuk berjuang demi agama dan negara serta memudahkan segala urusan.

Mieza Everdeen said...

Thank you for this post Kak Maria, you remind me of what I should know and be concerned of :) Let us pray that our Muslim brothers and sisters out there will finally be free from oppression, let us pray that Islam will finally win this war.

Mieza Everdeen's Blog

Kupukupu said...

Sedih kn kak dgn apa yang berlaku skrg nie... muslims.. kita sebagai Malaysians.. Hmmm. Doa je senjata untuk tumbangkan dorgg.. Doa :)

Unknown said...

well said kak maria..
betul tu..sekarang ni dugaan and bila org post yang #prayforMH17 or #prayforGAZA #prayforMH370 seriously saya rasa annoyed sebab mcm bermusim je.Lepas dua tiga minggu dah tak ada semua tu. Saya rasa benda tu macam trend yang hanya sekadar cakap kat bibir je. Tanya diri tu balik do you (semua) really pray and doa for Gaza lepas solat tu?? As if doa yang penuh pengharapan tu.

shahsulong said...


YES you could do something for the Palestinians..

during the battles between the Muslims and the kuffar, womenfolk rallied behind to give hope, stir fighting spirit and inspire motivation.. if the men turned back from the fight, they saw the Muslimah showering encouraging words, with du'a and fighting spirit that they feel invigorated to fight for Allah's cause..

use our words on social platform. let the world know that we are not afraid. that Allah is with us!

Unknown said...

Doa kan kekuatan iman didada umat Islam.
Nice post dear. I terpikir sejenak.

ieda iedana said...


Jihad doesnt necessarily facing the enemy face to face and fight them with all of our strength.
Jihad can also be in so many form - as what u said, give donation to increase their supplies there.
And yes, thank you. I also wanted to go to Palestine myself, but never sort of think that actually I can only provide so little (due to my lack of expertise)there and maybe will cause extra burden to other volunteers.

so, yes. let us fight with what we know best (donating, boycotting, praying and uniting with one another).

Tiha Azmi said...

I have exactly the same thoughts ...everything seems so fishy ...InsyaAllah,one day ..everything will be revealed ..

Unknown said...

Yes, well said there dear friend. To all Muslims, alert starting from now! Remember an ustaz said, how to prepare for Dajjal? Do not leave al Kahfi 1-10 and 100-110. Keep remind our family and kids as well and we'll all be protected from fitnah Dajjal. InshaAllah.

Unknown said...

Salam kak Maria,
I honestly think you don't have to apology for having such extreme thoughts over these issues as I am in your side and I've thought exactly the same as yours. and nothing is impossible, they might become a reality. Allahu Akbar.what I hope is that Malaysian will stay as peaceful and as unite as we usually do and that more of us know about this new world order. I realize though that our non muslims citizens would face a hard times digesting all of it because these are related mostly to Islam.

Unknown said...

thanks sharing the thought...yes clearly see there were something fishy going on...hope there's no more bad news after this...

Unknown said...

Salam sis,
Nice post.

ruqayya said...

Well said Maria...

We have to be strong for them and we have to be strong for ourselves as well...Dunia ni dah tak lama dah...

Ruqayya just wrote......... Kalender 2015: Mari rancang percutian !

humairahusna said...

Waalaikumussalam kak maria. truly love this entry. I'm fifteen and one of my friends truly obsessed with the one eye symbol. She loves to draw it in her journal. It was so scary how this illuminati symbolism being stated as something just ordinary to the people around us.The thought that americans have gained access to our country always pop through my mind and i can't imagine hearing boms and stuff . Haih , nauzubillah. May Allah ease everything for us , malaysians insyaAllah.

Maria Elena Zarul said...

amiin amiin to all of our doas!
may Allah protect us all, in sha Allah..

Unknown said...

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