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Monday, December 16, 2019

Ay Yes Am Are~

Long time ago, i think it was 2 years ago?.. I first heard of ASMR from sis Sue Anna Joe.
And that.. was the beginning of a whole new adventure for my hearing sense 😂

Back then, it started out with eating aka MUKBANG.
You'd see all this people eating ridiculous amount of food, some ate gracefully, while most ate, rather... barbarically? Hahaha! Macam too strong pulak barbaric 😝
But if you've watched enough, you know what i mean kan?
Macam krakkrukkrakkruk, chomchompchomp, sluuuuuurrrrrrrppppppp bapak punya exagerrate sampai i dengar pun terliur liur sebab as barbaric as it was, it did sound soooooo gooooddd!

And so many of these mukbang videos have MILLIONS of views!!
Means, i'm among those millions that would watch and salivate, and sometimes, we would look for those food just to try and see if it's really as good as they seem 😂

Nowadays, there are many types of ASMR, from making crafts, even makeup tutorial, cooking etc etc.
And i made an ASMR video just for fun with my skincare products! 😆

I'm not good at it really, but it was fun trying anyway heheheheehee

All products are available at

Here are some of my ASMR recommendations!

I love how it looks simple to make and cute, but in reality, i will never ever make them 😂

The drink one ni best dengar sebab the clinks of the ice and the flowing water, macam best jeeeeee. Dah la glass cups dia cute cute!
Makes you feel like you wanna make one for yourself kan? For me yang non-coffee drinker rasa cam nak minum coffee lak 😋

Hope you guys have a great day ahead! And relax your mind & soul with some of these soothing ASMRs hehe!