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Friday, April 13, 2018

#Peargirlsproblem gone out of control!

Wah lama gila tak update blog!

Sorry ye T_T

The reason why i haven't been blogging, is because i feel like i've been doing enough of sharing through my vlogs and podcast.

In case you didn't know, i have been updating my videos quite frequently, and the podcast is on every week!
This is my recent vlog -

As for podcast pulak, you all know i share my tips and have discussions about parenting with invited guests.
Super informative!

Podcast boleh dengar kat sini -

Other than that, my personal mission right now is to lose weight (and this is something i don't share anywhere else bahaha!).
Not because i want to fit in raya clothes or anything like that.
I just want my pear shaped body to look less... pear-y? I just wanna lose fat from waist down because even i get distracted by how distracting it is.
Know what i mean ke? #peargirlsproblem T_T

Whenever we go out, I always ask my husband:
"Yang, my bu** jiggling ke?"
and then jalan depan dia so that he can check it out for me.

And he'll always say:
Sometimes, he 'encourage' me even further by saying:
"Your bu** memang selalu jiggle kot"

It's like, no matter how loose my clothing is, it will always be obvious, and i really hate that!
What's the point kita beli baju besar besar, keep wasting money, if my backside don't wanna control itself kan. I punya la nak jaga aurat, tapi si bonbon ni taknak berhijrah lagi. So annoying! >.<

Since i cannot afford liposuction (yes, i considered it! bahahaha!!) and gym and personal trainer and whatever online coaching, so i have to workout.
And being a pear shape, memang bottom half ni la paling susaaaaaahhhh nak turun. 

But nevermind. If other people could do it, i should be able too.
I've been controlling my diet too and alhamdulillah ok la, boleh control lagi.

Now it's cardio + workouts.
Doakan ek i boleh lose weight so that i can cover my aurat better! (and be healthier!)
InshaAllah =')

You have #peargirlsproblem gak ke?
If you have succeeded getting rid of lower half punya fat, please please advise me on how you did it!

Thank you so much T_T
I hope you all lepas ni jangan la judge my bonbon ek..
Doakan dia berhijrah. Hehehehhee =p


Jazlin Ernida Zulkurnain said...

love your hijrah stories :) and your latest vlog brought me to your other vlog haha hilarious makeup tutorial! please make more! x

Maria Elena Zarul said...

I will inshaAllah =D
Thank you so much for your support!

Fadhilah Rudzuwan said...

I thought that it just me struggling with those pear. all the best kak maria.