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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Our Melbourne Holiday + Top 4 Places to Visit with Kids In Melbourne

So, i thought i shouldn't blog about this holiday trip because i already spammed so much of the photos on my instagram.

But then... other than people's requests for me to blog about the places we went to, i thought my kids should be able to read about it too, you know, in case instagram would be obsolete during their time.
(Can that happen?)
(I mean.. It kinda happened to Myspace & Friendster)
(I used to blog on those)
(Then hilang)
(So maybe....this will too?)
(Tapi macam tak kot sebab dia link kat google)

WAHAHA! Off topic meta dehhh. Hu aloh.

So Melbourne isn't exactly the most happening place on earth. It's just a chilling place. A place that isn't busy and bustling, not exactly cultured (as in, no cultural traditions of sorts i think), and it's just a city. Full of young and nice people and coffee shops.

But first!
What was the flight like with 2 kids for 8 hours?
It was super uncomfortable for me sebab Isaac had to sit with me and he wouldn't sit still. He doesn't run around much too, but he climbs everywhere!
He'd climb to the neighbour (nasib it's my mom) and climb over the seat to the back (nasib my husband) and he wouldn't sleep so he cried so much (sebab nak tido tapi takleh), until a stewardess had to ask me (politely) to take isaac away for a while because many passengers were "disturbed" by his cries.
It was a night flight.

I pun dah la penat, pastu budak meragam. Memang lagi extra penat tapi what to do? I pun want people to be comfortable.
So bawak la dia berjalan dalam airplane. Which is not easy sebab space berjalan kecik and people are moving up and down to the toilet haha!

Oh well.

 Alhamdulillah sampai gak!

Sampai tu, terus naik skybus to my brother's apartment.
And i terus suruh the kids mandi because they stink! =p

We didn't do much the whole first day because we were all so tired (especially me, coz i didn't get much sleep!), but we did walked around our area.

Here are the top 3 places (+1 souvenir shopping) we went!


I knew we had to go to the zoo.
Nay, we MUST go to the zoo.
Nay, we HAVE TO, WAJIB, NEED to go to the zoo.

Because Australia has the weirdest animals in the world! Cute ones la i mean.
They have Koala bear, Kangaroo, Wombat, and Platypus!

Ummi bergaya tengok map kan =p

Isaac is the kind who loves soft toys.
He cuddles.
And he is cuddly too.
Good combo!

When we saw the kangaroos, Isaac was immediately a kangaroo-keeper.
He fed them, he stroked them, and stepped on their tails! 
We shouldn't.
And he also picked up their poops!
I was disgusted but the keeper said that it's a clean poop because they eat veges.

I'm like, yeah.
When my kids were babies and only had milk, i never saw their poop as being clean.

But oh well.
Who am i to burst someone's bubble kan. =p

Here's a family photo where all of us looked kind of.. off.

So the story here (Nadrah, this part is about you) is, Nadrah was running around at the cafe port where we were having our lunch, oh they had vege nasi goreng! Literally, nasi goreng! Haha! Kitorang macam "mesti ramai malaysian datang sini kot".

So Nadrah was running around chasing the pigeons, and we all told her to stop running around and then true enough, she fell and scraped her knee.

She cried, as LOUD as she could, because let's face it. It's not a cry if only the family hears it. The whole world needed to know she was in pain hahahaha!

She was straight up wailing like "WAAAHHHHHH WAAAHHHHHHHH WAAAHHHHH!", seriously from the stomach.
I did the typical asian mom move.
I ignored her, not before i told her "padan muka. I told you!"

Good thing we had an extra stroller with us! She just sat there the whole time after that. When we went to  see the kangaroos, she didn't want to get off the stroller even and her dad had to carry her in a 'special' way so that she didn't have to straighten her legs. So you bet! She didn't even touch the kangaroos! Hahaha!

The keepers were kind enough to call for a first aid to help patch up Nadrah. So a guy by the name of Gary came over to us in a tricycle with all the ubats, but Nadrah simply refused to let him touch her scraped knees.
And she wailed.
We were in front of the baboon's cage, and when she wailed, the baboons wailed with her.
I did the asian move again, and fled the scene. Biar my husband handle her sebab i just cannot. Haha! =p

After the kangaroos, we went around to see more animals. Isaac was having fun looking at them animals, and even chased pigeons, on approved locations.

I think we were there for around 3 hours. It was nice and i loved it, even with Nadrah's drama. =)

MELBOURNE MUSEUM (& Brighton Beach, for pictures)

I purposely chose to go to the museum because of the Pauline Gandel Children's Gallery!
It's super cool for the kids!

The whole museum is already cool too!

The kids had loads of fun here! I think we only browsed through the museum for 10 minutes kot and spent the other hour plus at the kids' section ni =)

So glad to see Isaac being very adventurous at his age! Seronok tengok dia main main =)

After the museum, we went to eat and headed to Brighton Beach.
Too bad masa ni our phones died, so we didn't get that many photos..

It was super windy yang sejuk gila, and guess what?
Nadrah didn't want to wear her jacket.

She was crying all over the beach until finally she agreed to stay in the car with Isaac and my bro.
Isaac was ok at first, but we could see that he wasn't feelin' it. It was too cold for him.
Kesian budak budak ni. huhu..

I know i should be editting the pics before posting them here.. I'm too lazy. Bahahaha =p

There's nothing much to do at the beach. 
Take pics je. So... we didn't have anything else to do so we just went back.
But we did stop by the library =)

Just to feed these bebehs

Nadrah dah good mood balik because she had her snoring fest in the car.

Ececeh posing!


Amboi posing!

Finally, we took the tram to go to the aquarium.
And the kids were sleeping in their strollers....
I don't recommend people with strollers to ride the tram, but then if you have to, you can =)
It's just a bit crammed.

It's a fake one, don't worry.
The real one was so huge i felt like crying. Serious!

I think the highlight of the aquarium are the penguins.

To be honest, the aquarium ni nothing spectacular. Other than the penguins, everything else is like Aquaria in KLCC. And the tickets to the sea life aquarium ni bapak mahal!
Nak nangis bila bayar.. It's like $50++ for adults, and kids $30++

So yeah.


This is a place to get souvenirs and food stuff.
I don't think they're cheap, but ok la.
Dapat la a few stuff for my families.
The food though.. It's GOOD!

We had this mussels in some kind of tom yam-ish kuah, and it was super delicious!
Sampai terliur ok while typing this. Haha!

As usual, when we walked around, Nadrah saw this puppy toy thing which barks and moves, and she wanted it.
So ok la, beli.
And then she & Isaac fought for it.... 

Here, Nadrah was telling me how she's disappointed that the dog doesn't follow her.
Like a real dog.
And i had to explain to her that we can't have pets.
Because our condo doesn't allow it.
(and because i do not want to take care of it for you)
(you want pets, you get it when you don't live with me k?)
(when you're like... 25?)

We basically didn't want to do much that day, so we walked around the city and explore.
That's my kind of activity actually =p
I loooooveeee people-watching.
It's just my way of seeing how people really live differently, in different countries, different cultures, different climate. It's super interesting! =p

But alas..

The only people watching i get, was watching Isaac and Nadrah.

I think we missed a lot of other places. I know people have recommended a lot of food places to go like HIYC? was it? I forgot. Even puffing billy something. But with kids, it's all up to our capability to be patient with them. Haha!
Seriously though. Because we're walking mostly, and pushing them on strollers, and then diaper change (for isaac) and pujuk-ing nadrah, and getting them to eat properly, that requires a lot of energy & patience. 
Pastu nak solat lagi. So kena ikut la macam mana.

I had fun though!
It has been a while since husband & i did something with the kids together. Alhamdulillah dapat seminggu terus!
It wasn't about the places we went to in the end, but the time spent as a family. I really really appreciate that =')

So here's a video i made to sum it up!
Just my kids though hehehe..

Mars with awkward goodbyes.


Zayana Yusof said...

Wow, those look amazing! Went to Aussie when I was bujang, and still contemplating on doing it again with kids. Really look forward to it. But sementara tu, kena study byk2 dulu tips n tricks of travelling with kids.

Keyra_JK said...

Betul. Kalau pegi OZ mesti pergi zoo diorang sbb ada byk binatang yg kita x dpt tgok kt tpt lain especially Msia la kan..

Other than that, OZ so peaceful. Seronok jalan2 sana sebab tak terlalu sibuk with the people or traffic.

Last year pegi Perth, kitorang siap blh bergambar kt tgh jalan sebab kereta yg lalu lalang x byk hahaha

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