Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Breastfeeding Friendly


Have you heard of "BF friendly" clothes?

Before i had Nadrah, i remember seeing people leaving comments on La Kayena's instagram and facebook asking me if the jubahs were "BF friendly".
I honestly thought it was "best friend friendly".
What does that even mean and why are people requesting that?!?
It didn't make sense!

So naturally i googled and found what it truly meant, i felt... malu.
How can someone say "breastfeeding" so casually? (There's 'breast' in it.. i'm too innocent i guess.. *scratch head*).


But seriously, it is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, BREASTFEEDING should be celebrated!
There should be confetti thrown and congratulatory music for nursing moms. But then... i think all moms should be celebrated anyway, regardless. =)

As a married woman at that time, i knew that this was something serious- breastfeeding i mean.
Due to many requests on making the jubahs all BF-friendly, i wondered how to make them so.
After counselling Dr Google, i understood that it meant to be easy accessible for nursing babies.
I am so totally pro breastfeeding, so i obliged!

It's not hard pun.
It's just using longer zippers to allow bigger access for nursing. Non-nursing people pun boleh pakai, no problem =)

So the thing is, it made me realise on how malaysian moms are very passionate about breastfeeding.
I'm not surprised why people love breastfeeding so much. There are so many goodness in breastmilk.
(Ok, i don't know if they love it, but the fact that so many persevered, that's passion right there! Hehe!).

And i am also very grateful that there are rooms provided for nursing moms. Like in Ikano, there's one at every floor. So convenient!
Some people can even do it with their nursing covers out in public. So far i haven't heard any malaysian outburst on being thrown out for doing it. Mostly are usually from america or mat salleh countries. Alhamdulillah =)

Breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months is the most important. I know so many moms are struggling with pumping for milk while working, or how some people are pressured into giving formula milk, and I understand some people have a hard time producing milk, either due to disease, stress and more. But for 6 months at least, inshaAllah cukup.

So here are some of the many benefits of breastfeeding:

The only tip i can give for moms who are trying your bestest to provide for your child, is be surrounded with positive and supportive people. They're everywhere actually. Kat facebook ada, kat instagram, blogs, friends, families!

InshaAllah, pejam celik pejam celik, you've exceeded your own expectations.



Afidah Azmi said...

kalau Fida ada anak nanti..fida pun akan fullkan menyusukan badan ikut cara Islam..sampai umur anak 2 tahun kan..

Puan Wawa said...

Niatkan utk bf anak sampai umr 2 tahun.. ")

Dkna Abza said...

pasang niat untuk bf anak. inshaAllah ada rezeki tuk anak nanti :)

IamAin said...

so far setakat hri ni baby(1st baby) dh 3 months and fully bf.
masih gigih nak mencapai 6 bulan (on jan 2016) nnt.
dan insyallah niat nk teruskan smpi 2 tahun..

now gigih mengepam kt opis buat stock.

now banyak korek/mendalami ilmu dekat fb/blog

chiku the chucuru said...

i struggle my way to defend my choice to fully bf my baby. At first, even my husband, my mom n dad, my in laws... all of them ask me to campur susu. give the baby formula~~ i have been fed with all of critism etc etc... Alhamdulillah... rezeki my baby until 7months fully bf.

ordinary wawa said...

In shaa Allah, kalau baby saya lahir nanti saya akan bagi baby saya susu badan. Tapi macam mana kita nak tahu baju tu bf friendly ke tidak?

Ardilla Noorezan said...

So true Kak Maria. Breastmilk lah yang provide antibodies apa semua, memang lengkap :)

Dewi Aja said...

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zua zulkifli said...

Anak ptama dapat bfeed sampai setahun je tu pun jadi EP mom.. anak kedua alhamdulillah dari lahir sampai sekarang setahun 7bln masih breastfeed.. hopefully dapat sampai 2tahun.. setiap anak2 ada rezeki masing2 kan..

aeinna Musa said...

i love to breastfeed.alhmdulillah, rezeki dr Allah.

done follow maria, #42336..ramainya follower awak!best2.


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