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Thursday, December 25, 2014

bukan skema jawapan, sekadar perkongsian =)

Q: How come there are muslims who wear tudung, and some don't?

A: Firstly, please forgive us. We are all not perfect. The muslims who wear tudung up to their knees and even cover their faces are not perfect. But the women who covers, they do so because they want to, because they believe in the Hereafter and Allah's Promise.

It's the effort. Some people don't want to use too much effort to please; please God.

Like sunblock.

Sunblock is good for our skin, yet many won't even bother using them. It prevents skin cancer, it's anti-ageing! Still.
For some who doesn't see the effect of it immediately, they wouldn't care.
It's too much effort.

Sunblock is like tudung la.
The SPFs is like the level of coverage. The higher the SPF means high level of coverage.

Other than sunblock, vegetables is also an example. So many people don't eat veges even though they're good for the health.

So, it's due to the effort. Some don't see the effect or the goodness of it immediately, so they procrastinate the effort. They don't see how tudung, or being covered, can benefit them in this lifetime and the next.


Q: Why does the Prophet (SAW) marry so many times?

A: Because he had to. Consider this: we women are married to one guy, and we have so many things about our husband that irks us. If we can list down the things about our husband that we're annoyed with, even hate, our list can reach up to 10 points, or maybe more!

Who is more closer to a man than his wife? Living under the same roof and all.

But the wives of the Prophet (SAW), can't even have a list. They could have shared his imperfections, flaws, complains about him, expose his weaknesses, but they just couldn't. They don't have anything to share! Besides his good character.

He is the perfect example for us ordinary people to look up to.


These aren't the 'answer scheme' for these type of questions. It's just something i thought can be used in case you're in this situation.
The people who asks this kind of questions probably won't understand islamic terms, like "Because Allah SWT orders us to", "to go to heaven", "it's in the Quran", etc.
They need something relatable so that it's easy to understand and imagine.

So yeah. Hope you'll find this useful!


norsalihah shaleh said...

Assalamualaikum.. thank u for a simple yet brilliant answer regarding wearing hijab. Masa saya pergi korea hari tu saya dapat soalan yg sama dari seorang peniaga kt korea. knapa ada wanita islam yg pakai tudung n knapa ada yg x pakai. sy jwb kat dia sama macam dalm family ada anak2 yg ikut ckp parents tp ada yg membantah.. masa tu really no idea nk bg perumpamaan mcm mana yg bagus ttg pakai hijab. now that u wrote about this so it really give me a great idea...thank u so much..

jemput singgah my blog Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta . Just start blogging :-)

anys nadhilah said...

I love reading the thoughts. Very helpful and advising

Leyha Adie said...

leh apply perumpamaan 'sunblock' pasni ^^


Waahh nice entry. Bley apply kalau org tny. Thanks kak maria

Siti Khairiyah said...

Thanks Kak Maria.

Siti Khairiyah said...

Thanks Kak Maria.

angkisland said...

wow nice..

Anasyg said...

terima kasih Kak Mar di atas perkongsian.

Melor said...


Just want to share answer yang saya dapat masa attend konvensyen bidadari berkenaan kenapa Rasulullah (saw) kahwin ramai.

-isteri2 baginda (saw) ialah saksi bahawa baginda (saw) adalah yang sebaik-baik manusia terhadap keluarga dia.
dari sudut perundangan islam, kalau saksi lelaki, kena ada dua baru kita boleh accept apa dia cakap atau tuduhan etc.
satu lelaki = dua perempuan.

isteri2 nabi (saw) ialah gandaan kepada jumlah saksi lelaki yang diperlukan untuk membuktikan bahawa apa yang disampaikan/dilakukan oleh nabi(saw) boleh diyakini.-

*nak kena cari nota balik kalau nak explain lebih2*

cik karmila said...

suka dengan analogi akak...typical rare but deep ..

Najib Ariyan said...

analogi yg baik... orang susah nak paham penjelasan tapi lebih senang pagam tamsilan...

dorsett pink said...

Well said maria.. such a good explaination about islam..

Anonymous said...
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balqisfz said...

Thank you akak. Sebelum2 ni, ad je nomMuslim tanya Aqis, "kenapa kena pakai tudung dan kenapa ada yang tak pakai?"

Honestly, Aqis taktau nak kasi jwpan yg benr2 telus kat dorg. Now, here some good point yang akk terangkan secara ringkas tapi Aqis faham.

Jazakillah khairan kak Maria :)

farhanafarid14 said...

Always awesome kak mar!