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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hidupku kini, rupanya gini #pantun2kerat

Assalamualaikum wbt

I don't know how to start this, but oh well.
Awkward intro shall be awkward.

It has been 2 years since i've been working as an engineer.

Honestly, it's not easy, but it's not hard either.
It's not easy because it's a lot like law maybe. Banyak refer old documents, spec sheets, catalogues, emails, minutes of meetings, old project docs, just so that whatever project the team's doing, takde kena backfire ke salah order barang ke blablabla.
It's not hard because it's something familiar. Like using autocad, procedures. And errrr... For now itu je i boleh come up with. Gosh, noob nya.

Earlier this year, i applied for masters program and i thought i wouldn't get it. Coz i kinda applied late..
Sampai letter kat rumah, and walauwehhh! I've been accepted to Hogwarts!!!

I wish.

I was accepted to UPM's master program in engineering management. alhamdulillah =)

Takde la pape sangat. Mula mula thought of doing research program, but i was very intrigued by the course subjects. Ada business related courses tu, i loike. Hehe!

So anyway, alhamdulillah, i am now a working student.

It has been a month since, and my routine changed drastically. What with four classes a week, after work, i go to class, after 3 hours of learning, some days i ada class rohaniah, some days i balik terus. Other non-class days, i ada tuition class and class class lain gak. oh, and my other part time jobs. like modelling, giving talks and stuff..

Most of the time i will have dinner in the car.
Either tapau siap2 from home, or buy burger kat tepi jalan, or buy snacks from petrol station.

And most days i reach home very late. So yeah.
Sometimes after work, i get really tired and in class, i admit, it's not easy to stay focused. Many times i have to force myself out of my stupor by conteng sana sini, gi toilet jap, and good thing classes ada breaks for maghrib prayer! Helps a lot, that does. Sometimes i wonder how my classmates yang working pun can stay focused in class.. Hope i can be like them soon!!

My brain condition (sometimes), kalau nak dicartoonkan la, at work, it's quite active
During classes and stuff...

at the end of the day..

Motip sangat pengsan bibir terus plump kan. Haha!

But then, there are some nights when even after a long day of work + studying + learning, my brain still nak active. which i see as something good la. gives me time to read my books =)

It's a challenge, for now.
But in sha Allah, i will get used to this new routine. Because as usual, all new things will someday be a normal thing and we'll look back and wondered "eh, aku dah ok dah? Bila aku ok ek?" Hehe!

Taken at upm's engineering faculty. Wearing al-raqia's awesome shawl. After work, so muka mmg belacan.

Taken at the same place on my saturday class and (this) ipad is the reason why im updating more frequently. And because blogging sort of makes me feel better.
Im not sure why but i suspect it's because i have more untold stories which i just need to blurt somewhere. And le peliks is the best place for blurting out =p

At first i didnt want to blog about this pun. Didn't think it would interest anyone pun what goes on in my personal life. As long as i tau, dah la kan.

So then, why you blog this maria mercedes?
Because i met two girls at campus, and they asked me why i didnt tell ppl about it, and because im too lazy to answer the same questions over and over again. Might as well make it official.
yes, kak maria is mastering.

eh eh.

Sape sape yang tanya susah ke belajar sambil keje, well, baca la betul betul k dari atas sampai bawah.
Maybe can give u a lil' insight.
Im not discouraging, im just saying it takes time to get used to.

For me, it's a struggle for now, tapi in sha Allah next year, it will be a bit lighter to handle coz instead of being an engineer, i'll be......
Your crying shoulderrrr, i'll beeee loves suicideeeee
I'll beeee better when i'm olderrrr, i'll beee the greatest fan of your liiiifffeeeee~

No, coz i'll be a wife.
In sha Allah

May Allah swt permudahkan urusan urusan ku, dan juga urusan urusan harian mu ;)


ps: i have test later. my first ever test this sem. feels good to be back, school.

PPS YANG CAPSLOCK: I HAVE TO THANK MY MAMA FOR HANDLING MY WEDDING PREP! i think i only did 1/20 of the job. so don't ask me about my wedding coz seriously, im not so sure what it's going to be like. i just want to be a wife. haha! i'm very confident mama knows better than me about what's best anyway =) MAMA ROCKS!!


Delle. said...

may the force be with you kak maria. go go moral ! ;-)

Zharif Azis said...

wahh , rasa terkedu jugak bila baca . lepas nie jadi isteri lagi bertambah tanggungjawab nya . semoga kak maria kuat ^__^

Yasmin Redzuan said...

Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya insyAllah, amin. Selamat berumah tangga bersama bakal suami yang akan membawa kak maria ke syurgaNya. Aminyarabbalalaminnn.

LeenNajib said...

UPM student ? hehe. me too. btw tahniah kak maria. xlama lg bgelar isteri :)

Shida Idris said...

omg maria, u soo rajin. congrats okeh, lama-lama kompem u dah biasa

Dilakochan said...

All the best for ur master!
Semoga dipermudahkan semuanya :)

Nice to meet you last wkend!

Harap bole jumpe lagiiii ! :)

Cikgu Fatin said...

walaupun sibuk, tapi rutin tu tetap best.

class rohaniah? i luv it..

azey said...

Apa yang Maria story kat sini mungkin akan jadi contoh yang baik untuk remaja lain...

Jazmin 하스민 said...

All the best sis. i'll hope i can be like you. further my studies while working. cuma xde peluang je lagi. u really inspires me,dear sis. I adore you as much as I adore my parents. All the best and may Allah bless you in every single thimg that you do.

Mr Sesiput said...

first few month mmg also working student..from klcc travel to uitm shah working time pulak 9 jam..keja 8pg smpi 5pm..kelas kul pulak start kul 630ptg smpi 11mlm..tau la bapak jam kat kl kan..4 kelas seminggu..mula mmg mcm nak pengsan..rumah dah macam lelama..kental dah..ini belum part assignment berlambak2 nk dkat due date..lagi pitam..goodluck ok!u can do it..asal hati mmg nak..mesti done with struggling now..nak convo next..yeay!

zawani badri said...

i (somehow) can feel you.
I'm also working (in Melaka) and pursuing my master at UKM.
Some of my classmates are working at Kelantan and travel back and forth to UKM every week.
Kagum kan?
Best of luck to you Maria :)

Zana said...

good luck sistah... semoga sukses menjadi, pekerja, pelajar, dan isteri.. eh? k bai.

5teEn'S... said...

we are in the same shoes maria....n this post really inspiring me...yeah.. get time to get use to...congrates dear..n may ALLAh bless you..dipermudahkan segala urusan inshaALLAH..

Anonymous said...

my husband did the same thing. while working in jb and me being heavily pregnant. travelling somemore. but he managed to complete and graduate ontime. dont worry. make FULL USE of the partner nanti haha..

haz said...

my sis pn tgh buat master bio-engin in research kt sne. hee. wish u all the best in becoming soon-to-be wifey~~ hihi ^^

missnadira said...

okey..this is inspiring..thanks for the insight..anyway maria, best tak enineering management?

Maria Elena Zarul said...

thank you all for the support, words of encouragement, for sharing your stories and for your doas!!
appreciate it a lot!! <3

balqisfz said...

kak, gud luck in everything. our prayer with you :))

hambaNya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hambaNya said...

waa..bole jumpa u nak pegi fak. kejuruteraan nih..saya dkat fpsk..perubatan n sains ksihatan..btw, all the best sis!

♥ dak pink said...

All the best ML.

Dah rasa dah sebelum ni bekerja, berkahwin, pregnant, bersalin sambil belajar. =)

Apapun, sila kuatkan diri dan double triple kan tenaga utk menghadapi semua.

Susan Lolo Bua said...

Kk Maria, saya suka baca entry kali ini, sangat memberikan inspirasi, skarg saya dh berumur 22 taun tp dah kerja, kerja staff je, after read your entry, saya terbuka pikiran nak sambung study, if God willing next year saya mulai belajar, slama ini saya tak terpikir nak sambung belajar sbb dah kerja, tapi after i read blog orang2 yang bereducated diorang bagi nasihat agar belajar la selagi masih ada kesempatan.,
saya harap dapat belajar lagi.

have a bless day Kk Maria.

ainie yusof said...

wah! kita study kt u yg sama la :)

Mira Idora said...

good luck Kak maria for master.
May Allah bless you :)

izzatimohdasri said...

love this post;)

memotivasikan saya, tq;)

mummy.chicha said...

wish u all d best. My friend is in her 3rd semester now, part time LLM. She works at putrajaya, travel 3x a week to uitm s.alam. Home by 11 and 2 kids wait at nursery. Her husbd works night shift. If she copes well, u'll be better :-)

elsyhamee said...

you know that...
you inspired me to keep move on in chemical engineering field ...
there is no one esp my cousins that take this field except my friends and suddenly, just view your previous post talk about engineering and stuff, tup3 you are also a chemical right??
im sooo glad to hear that you already graduated from utp as a bachelor in this field~
weeee pray for me too kak maria~
im now at sem 5~ 1 1/2 year to go~
thanks for sharing about your work and how you manage your work-study~
my wishes are GOODLUCK and all the BEST in what you doinggg!!!

*like a letter from fan-vlog-of-yours!


norikohaizumi said...

Wah..da kt UPM? Ley r jumpe kt vet fac..hihi I'm working there now. :)

misz beauty said...

rindu kat engineering...dulu keje kat sana... best kan view kat eng fac tu :-)