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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Answer!

firstly i want to thank all of those who answered honestly and shared their views of my last post.
what was it again?

yes, ze white or ze black, which did you zee firzt.

if you saw white first, that means
you see a new person as a blank page where they are as white as the paper.
you see the goodness of a person rather than looking for the opposite.
that's good! but when you see that black dot, which represents a bad side of a person, what would you do?

if you saw the black dot first, that means
you look for the bad side of a person first.
you're not open when meeting new people because you are careful.
that's good too! means you analyse before you trust!
but now that you see the bad side of a person, would you try to learn the good side of them?

that's why i said there's no right or wrong answer.
you can't help seeing what you saw first. takkan you macam "hmmm. i rasa nak nampak black dot first." that doesn't make sense!

but here is where you are able to choose.
let's say you're best friends with A, and he/she did 1 mistake, would you still love him/her the way you used to?
let's say you just met A, and you saw him/her at their worst time. would you want to try and learn about him/her?

what would you do?
the real question is not what you saw first, but how you react to it.

i too saw the black dot first. but im not the kind that doesn't like a person immediately.
when i see the 'ugly truth' of a person, then i know where not to thread when im with them. 

so that's all i want to share really. i'm no psychiatrist, so i can't really explain into detail about this. i did this pun so that we probably can learn something about ourselves. even if it's just a small insignificant thing.
nobody's perfect, and mistakes are probably our 2nd best friend.
if you're open enough to accept other's mistakes, then when you make a mistake, insyallah orang pun can still accept you.


tu jeeeee!!



Anonymous said...

noe whatt ? tasya pun nampak the black one firsttt :)
haha XD . so i;m the careful one ;)

Bungakopi said...


diyana said...

saya pon nampak black dot dulu..;)

cujen said...

WHITE. itu yang terlintas pertama kali tgk gambar tu...

Anonymous said...

suke awk punye explanation..
no right or wrong.

Nana ♥ said...

well yes, im careful gahaha

Anonymous said...

hye maria
check this out
someone mentioned ur name here :)

HaFizaH aYu said...

see da black dots i noe i'm careful pson

Zati Tarhizi said...

Hey maria :) I dah tahu dulu smlm. Hehe.

Anna Peah said...

Hey maria :) I sama macam budak atas ni sebab I dengan dia smlm. Haha.

Anonymous said...

kakak! boleh x nak share bnde ni ngn kawan2?

Tishya said...

lah penat aku buat taksiran sendiri psl dedotss ni.

bedpet said...

huhu. saya pun nmpk black dot 1st. hmmm

Abuya Hayat said...

i saw the faded green border... really did even before i knew what was the question...
u all nampak x the green color luar border warne itam tuer, tap die pudar ckit... :)

A I N A said...


Anonymous said...

hahha,ape la kak maria ni,lawak betull :)

Fanzi Ruji said...

Eh, x prasan ada black dot kat tgh tu. Haha.

O'gosh said...

me saw the dot but x prasan that it's black..haha..maybe buta warna la kot

Nurul uNaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
La Petite Cherie said...

Great explanation on the black dot thingy :) You took psychology class ker Maria? Hehe

nothing substantial said...

as you go deeper into psychology you'd know that there's more than one way to interpret the affinity of choosing black over white and vice versa.

it's not a simple case of yes/no and what not. so, what do u think?


I came to know about your blog and youtube when a friend of mine asked me if i had ever upload a video in youtube and she show me yours. I dont know where are our resemblances but I really enjoy your videos.

Linking my self to your blog.

Insya - Allah kalau datang shah alam, boleh ambik gambar. I posted your video at my facebook and my friends from Japan love it.

Syafiq Rosli said...

hehe..pnjam gambar..

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

Nothing substantial, which is why i said there isnt any right or wrong when it comes to psychology. How, what, where, when n why we think is not something we can control :)

z a w a n i b a d r i said...

i see the black dot 1st! should try tue see white side plak after this :) thanks for the info ;)

iffah epot said...

honestly, at first i thought the pix was loading error. So i refreshed it about 10 times, haha..
neway i saw white first...and thnx for the info !

p/s; nie first time i read ur blog, my fren recommended it, and i think ur awesome!! love ur blog! =)

nothing substantial said...

"How, what, where, when n why we think is not something we can control :)"

on the contrary, i beg to differ.
u can achieve control to a certain extent.

however, assuming that having the propensity to a certain color can explain one's virtue, is quite simply, hilarious.

Ans Amr said...

black mcm tak best jwpn. white pn tak best. senang cite, i tak nmpk ape pun? *statement mintak penampar =.="