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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chemistry among chemicals (outing)

we had our Cheme Outing Day, at last.
and omg.

it was a BLAST!!
i guess memang it's cheme's nature to be skema and detailed about everything.. well, we can't help it, can we? after 4 years of labs, teamworks, reports, reports, reports, we're just trained to be that way. kan? hahaha!!

i was in the Green Team. green is the new black, kata orang. green is also lambang pencinta alam. ada orang jerit-jerit la time tu. entah sape entah.. ish ish ish.. 

oh we had games! banyaaaaak lak tu! it was soo fun!! a few things though, i've learnt from our outing.

1. guys can tonggek as ganas as girls, as demonstrated by Som Phong. =p
2. either cheme nye habit or engineers or people in general. PANTANG NAMPAK CAMERA!!!

Exhibit A

ok je bilangan masa ni. cukup frame.

add on, size up.

ha, tambah lagi!

ha kan dah! tak cukup frame dah. haihh.. =p

tak caya lagi?? amik lagi!
Exhibit B

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4. good kan Jaz? hahahaa!!!
told u. pantang kot budak budak ni nampak camera. sume nak enter frame! padahal sendiri pun camtu.. =p
3. guys memang main games seriously. muka ketat je!! tengok Achul. macam nak makan bola.
4. girls lak, main sweet-sweet je! senyum sambil lari, dapat bola senyum, tak dapat bola pun senyum. very nice =D

so yeah. a lot of new life lessons were obtained during the enhancement of covalent bond which existed among the chemical engineering students.
hey friends, have you realised that this might be the last time we will ever see each other again? or even heard from each other? for all its worth, it was the best memory and an honour to be your coursemate. =)

i will definitely miss these people dearly! it was sad that we have parted (slightly) after internship because of our differences in major subjects, but hey, memories masih ada kan? bond tu pun, sentiasa ada walaupun tak se-erat dahulu. don't worry, kalau ada rezeki, kita jumpa lagi kat wedding sape-sape nanti ya! =D (yaya)

oh ya. one more thing.



ask said...

i mean da last pic.

ask said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kula said...

alamak gaya aku sama je empat2 gamba.. orang lain macam edit masuk. haha

.m.e. said...

haaaa! kan kan kan!!! =p

ask said...

kula ade standard pose kot. ngeh ngeh.

Farah Justme said...

haha i like ur entry! bab gambar tu makin lame makin pnoh frame memang lawak. going to miss this. T_T

.m.e. said...

hahahaha!! ni baru sikit. ada lagi kot pics that gets bigger with every shot! i only took yang nampak sikit. haha!! thanx for liking it! memang gonna miss this a lot. best kot jadi student.