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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For u, friends, with love.

all i want, for this last semester, are memories.

that's why, i have been spontaneous (i hope or i think) more than i've ever been.
because when this ends, i want to be able to reflect and tell people, i had the best times ever when in campus. biarlah dia terceruk ya Allah manentah dengan kepanasan yang tak boleh nak di-scalekan, but it is, undeniably, most definitely, the most beautiful and amazing campus ever!

where else can u find mamak that sells RBTM(C)?
or mee goreng yang sedap nak mampus like in sithick?

we're in tronoh, but u can find kelantan food, johor food (mee bandung muar.. yummm), thai-style food, etc.
cool kan?

what other campus la yang ada tasik as big and beautiful as ours?
siap boleh kayak!

other than our campus, i wanna make memories with my friends. adventures still on-going, so i'm not gonna elaborate on that yet. next post maybe? heheee..

i have been the mastermind behind all of your surprise birthdays all these years, but i do apologise for not making any last year.
i have been doing all this, not because its my hobby or something.
i did it for your memories, friends.

if u think i enjoy doing it, you're not wrong, but you're not right either.

planning something is not easy, especially when u want to surprise them.
i'm not complaining, but truth be told, i sometimes make myself super excited so that i get support and contributions from friends. kalau i biasa2 je, no sambutan maa..
but in the end, i always hope that its worth all the efforts (not just mine, but rakan seperjuangan too) and that it'll be remembered.

i had my first birthday surprise in campus this year, and honestly guys, i was so touched but i couldn't cry. coz honestly, in my head, it was still D's birthday. it wasn't until that night before i sleep that i felt..
hmm.. i felt like i'm worthy of a friend to u.
like i'm honoured.
it's such a nice feeling. hehe!!
but alas, it's the one and only time la kan. end of this year, i don't know what will happen, where we'll be, if we're working.. who knows! i don't even know if you will remember my birthday! unless from fb la kan. hehe!!

suddenly sentimental kan?

but that's my motive. all this while.
to make you feel important, especially on your birthday.
to make you look back, and wonder how we planned it, what we did to you, etc.
i know most of the things i planned involves messy, dirty, disgusting (sometimes!) things like air tasik, pasir, burger yang kena sumbat ntahpape, and of course, messy-cake-feeding!
i thought all this disgusting-ness will make u remember more. but if u don't like it, too bad. it's done! and u remembered!

objektif tercapai!

i have two different 'gangs'.
one from matrix (although.. i sorang je from matrix pahang, tapi saya rasa best sgt ngan korang yang dari matrix changlun!)
and the other are from foundation (nanti gi jakarta! woohoo!).

--> dats why last sem's batch dinner case yang 'budak matrix bukannya kawan ngan budak foundation' is ridiculous to me and ern! we're sangat la ok and best friends ngan sume orang. ada some losers je tak reti nak bersocial, then point at others, not to themselves.

and both gangs, i love dearly.

so this post, is long and lengthy.
but its straight from my heart.

after this sem ends..
when its a day to celebrate, think of me. remember the times we've had.
remember our days of growing up in utp.
remember us.

i'm sorry, in advance, if after this is over, that i can't plan a birthday surprise for u.

if la. heee..
but hey, adventures masih kena ada!!!!


Merissa K. said...

awwwwwwwwh. alalalala.

but hey hey lagi berapa hari je akan ada satu lagi. ;)

Elena said...

Alahai I'm touched. I shall remember :)

edy said...

"where else can u find mamak that sells RBTM(C)?"

RBTM(C) tu aperkebenda?

Nurul Aain said...

maria, i swear im glad im not in utp to be splashed with air tasik again (well ina, u're the only one left). hahaha. but that shall be miss.

Nurul Aain said...

btw, u dh boleh tukar my link yang dh lapok itu. hehehehe.

its now. :)

.m.e. said...

RBTM = roti bakar telur manis.
C = cheese

eleleleehh.. cakap tanak, dalam hati nak.. kan? hahaha!! kidding! =p

Anonymous said...

maria elena,u got award from me.!

.m.e. said...

hah? award apa? *terharu* hahaha!