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Monday, November 9, 2009

sakitnya dahiku~

i was praying tadi.

then i remembered an incident (kantoi tak kusyuk) which almost made me laugh. but obviously i didnt. haha!

i have young cousins despite most of us are being in our 20s.

years ago, as i recalled, it was Raya and we were in Muar.

and my uncle called out for all of us to pray Maghrib berjemaah.

so the men in their kain sarungs, and the girls in telekungs.
my little cousin, named laura, was wearing a really cute telekung. ada strawberries and something else. tak ingat, but it was cute la.

so as we were praying in the cramped living room together in unison, it was sujud time.
from rukuk position, to sujud position,
si Laura ni,
excited ke apa, i also dunno
she knocked her head so hard on the floor (we all heard the knock. a loud "DOK")


then, came a soft cry. the kind of cry yang sayu~ kesian~ sakitnya dahiku tapi kena semayang, kalau tak papa marah~ kinda cry. aduh!

i had to force my laugh back! we were praying!
sampai nangis2 tahan! macam2 i buat. gigit the insides of my cheeks, suck in my cheeks, relax, count till 10.. until i couldnt take it any longer, i pulled myself out of the jemaah, went back to the guest room, and laughed and laughed. and laughed.

dah puas laughing, then i prayed maghrib myself and join the others for doa.
rupanya my other cousins also had the urge to laugh out loud but well, they were stronger than me.




Azhani.Azizan said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA reading this alone made me laughed!!! omg, i pun ada jugak a few incidents masa sembahyang tapi x ingat sangat..masa terawikh kat surau laa..kt rumah atok laa..wakakakakaka adoih..

why.don' said...

laura tu macam u je.

.m.e. said...

why lak cam i??
comel kan?
thank u~

iday said...

hahaha,,xtaha gelak kot,,kalau lar aku kat situasi macam tu,,tutp hdg @ sepit hdg maybe workk[selalu buat kalau tahan gelak],,haha

Selikat Coklat Berbicara said...

hehe ! pity foe u laura ci comel . perhaps she try to slow her sujud style . ahha

.haliqa. said...

salam, kak maria, balik raye kt muar ye? muar area mane? :)

lady scooter said...

ha3...that's really funny...kesian laura...