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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

mask-in tape

oh, my dad bought a few boxes of masks.
he insisted, nay, he demanded us to wear them everywhere we go! he is paranoid a bit.
we went to OU last weekend, and well, we were kinda well-dressed.. knowing that its seldom for us to go out as a family..
i was wearing my dress, accesorised nicely.. i felt pretty la, suffice to say.
then abah went to watsons, came out with those.. things..
and forced us to wear it.
we looked as if we're Darth Vader's distant family.
we looked peculiar.
we looked uncharacteristically like OU-ian.

neck down, we blend in.
neck up, we were out of place.

we were talking to each other, laughing and making faces at each other, but with those.. things.. on, it was odd!
i made a joke with my mom, and honestly i forgotten what about, and she couldnt understand it coz she couldnt see my facial expression. (oh, in case kamu tak tahu, saya sentiasa buat joke yang menggunakan expresi muka kerana best)
susah gila. so i had to repeat, then at the punchline, kena tarik da mask down, give it, and pull it back up.

at one point, we just sat quietly coz malas nak bercerita with the thing covering our face.

and my dad expects us to wear it in campus?
HAHA! i think not daddy..
but i'll wear it once in a while la.
kesian lak..

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