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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tipah tertipu lagi

so yeah, it's Ramadhan month and yes, i am fasting.
i felt hungry when i woke up this morning, and since, i haven't had the energy nor the will to learn anything. i just want to curl up in my bed, and snooze till noon.
but alas,
i know i'll feel guilty for not going to classes, although i know i'll sleep anyway, but what the heck.

the day passed by quite quickly and thank God, it's almost time to break fast.
as i lined up at the nasi lemak place in v5 cafe, i looked around, scouting for a place to sit.
but, biasa lah, bila lapar, concentration not used to the fullest extend right. my concentration was on my food.
i took my usual:
nasi, kacang and ikan bilis goreng, timun sikit, and lastly, sambal.
oh yes. basic is always the best.
nah kak, RM3.

huh. now that i have my food, let's get a place to eat!
as i looked left and right at the empty tables in the cafe, i put my plate down on one, and continued swivelling my head left and right, not looking for a friend, not showing off my swishy hair (sangat la takde motive), not warming up either (lagi takde motive)..

"where the hell are the chairs??"

and then off the azan went.
azan menandakan masa untuk berbuka puasa,
and i have no chair to sit on.
how to makan?

*story is completely made up but you get what i'm trying to say kan.
we need chairs, not more tables.


why.don' said...

they want us to bersila on the table.
thats the point of having more tables than chairs.teach us some malay culture.

dicky said...

Dear alien, selamat berpuasa. Moga ramadhan kali ini lebey baik dari sebelumnyer...


.m.e. said...

bersila atas meja?
u start first la k. then i follow.

dear dicky, selamat berpuasa to u too!