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Sunday, August 23, 2009

nak nak nak!

the look on her face.. priceless.
it wasn't fear, my dear friends.
it was pure regret.
she's regretting ever getting on the roller coaster.
but at the end of the ride, when the roller coaster stops to a halt,
she'll climb out, happy that she survived,
happy that she took a risk getting on that damned thing..
and i'm pretty sure
she'll want to get on it again.

oh, the adrenaline rush..
oh, the wind rushing through your hair.. and clothes..
the electricity buzzing through every inch of your nerves..
the feeling that of your heart drops into your stomach..
and then your stomach jumps into your throat..
don't you just love it?

i will get on these rides. before i kick my bucket. oh yes.

who's with me?!
(dengar ramai yang menyahut "me! me! me!")
ha! you sir! you look like you enjoy these kinda things!
maka saya akan membawa kamu bersama.
oh, you dont speak malay?
you sound like you're from London!

can't wait~

ps: SELAMAT BERPUASA kepada semua umat Islam. =)


aween mokhtar said...

oh...the g force hunter.Hehe.
I think Im gonna pass (penakut:p)
Happy Ramadhan Maria!Blk KL bgtaula, ley bbuke kt Murni :P

aween mokhtar said...
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.m.e. said...

okay jaynur!!!
hope to see you soon then k kakak senior baru grad!