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Monday, July 20, 2009

of no reason at all.

it's different
but it's so familiar.

no more welcome backs,
just hey, how was it?

i've missed this.

why are the fyp's titles for chemis so freaking complicated, long-winded and boring?
and yes, i am still how i am like before internship. but with some minor difference in my life.


aween mokhtar said...

I agree with hat.
Chemical engineering FYP is indeed boring. Hahaha.
Btw, I dah lame bace blog u, so I noe u before I noe u, geddit? :p
Gud luck dear :D

[YeOp] said...

aween: suka hati je ckp chemi fyp boring! best sgt ke mechi fyp? ahaks! :P

so maria, what's ur fyp title & who's ur sv?

FYP = final year pressure *lol*