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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dirgahayu, Darul Makmur

today's meeting with friends from matrix was unplanned but thank God it happened. or else we'll have to wait for another, what, 1 or 2 years? haha!

so the 6 of us sitting down with (refillable) drinks, thus begins our reminiscing session.

it's weird how even after 4 years, there're still some stories unheard of and a lot of forgotten events and of course, forgotten people.

as we were talking, drinking, i realised how we are still the same people as we used to be 4 years ago, but i'm sure we've all changed. it's just that, we don't see it, and maybe it's because we revert ourselves to the person we were in matrix. that's mostly what we talked about anyway.

funny how we can still repeat those stories everytime we meet, but it never gets old. i like it, considering how forgetful i am, reliving the past is the only way i can conserve those memories.

i didn't remember how skema i was, and my habits.

i missed those days.

matrix life wasn't difficult, for me.
i enjoyed it, and i survived.

let's go to melaka =)

ps: lagu negeri pahang is the best!


ladycapulet said...

if you were skema,how about me?little miss einstein?haha

Maria said...

oh u ek.. hmm.. sofia tu cam gossip girl kan, u must be like blair kot. hot n smart. cewahhh!!


thanks puji lagu negeri kami :)