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Friday, June 26, 2009

Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson's songs used to fill our house.
this man has taught us some virtues.
to give more than we take.
to dance.
to not discriminate.
to love..

oh MJ..
i'm glad you died. at least you wont have any more bad publisity and no more bias press. although u have left the world, but you live on as a legend.

mesti best jadi your anak. banyak harta! hehehhee..

thank you MJ for the music you brought to us!
i have loved you and i still do!

as a tribute to your memory, i shall moonwalk to the toilet after this. =p


Ernie Azera said...

Pleaseeee laaa..nak moonwalk~~

Maria said...

jom moonwalk ke klcc. hahahah!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha moonwalk satu rumah aa!!