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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

your hands

i didnt know i had 706 friends on facebook.. i thought my colleague was joking when he asked if i was the maria elena with 700+ friends.
rupanya betul.

so i went through my friends' list, and most of them, i tak kenal langsung but i approved them because we had shared a lot of mutual friends. mind you i still have like 180+ friends request yet to be rejected/approved.

i know some ppl just approve strangers. asal add je, approve la dong!

i dont do that. i dont like it when ppl drop comments like "hey, u maria ek?" or something, some sort of, like dat laaa. nak saya dedicate "that's not my name" by the ting tings?

at the same time, i tak reti nak reject org. (oh yes!)

i may the Queen of Hard to Get, and Queen HeartBreaker, but im no evil stepmom.

facebook facebook.. you and your quizzes and applications.
sometimes malas nak layan, but sometimes layan coz i have nothing else better to do.
macam loser.
yg social.

so yeah, point of this entry?
no point at all. just dat i nak jual mahal ngan fb jap.

Langkawi, here i come! with my bebehs! naik kereta!


[YeOp] said...

i got ur facebook. i don't think u know me. but i know u. because of 'excuse me'. hehehe..

now dah grad, x dpt tgk eupho dah :(

Nina Alyssa said...

bestnye nak g langkawiiiiI!!!!!