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Thursday, April 9, 2009

uncle.. *sniff*

I am 68 years old. i look younger? hahaha!! thank you!
well, my wife past away 3 years ago in the hospital. sakit apa? oh, sakit kidney.

my kids?
oh i have 3 beautiful children.
2 girls, 1 boy. they're about your age lah! but my eldest daughter dah ada family la. she stays with her husband in UK.
hmm.. lagi dua tu, entah la. i also dont know. haha!!

oh, i was alone at home so i thought of coming to kl.
it has been years since i've come here and it's so different now! haha!!
tiba2 uncle nampak a new mall kat sini and more traffic lights!
and i just noticed how kids nowadays dress up like zaman2 uncle dulu. baru lah you all tau, org dulu ada CLASS! haha!

yeah, coming to Bangkok Jazz ni brings up some of my old memories.
my wife loved jazz. she always asked me to take her to saloma bistro. tapi tu la.. uncle pulak asyik busy ngan keje.. i used to pass Bangkok Jazz bila balik keje dulu. always wanted to take her here, but i never did it..

of course i miss her!
uncle kadang2 lupa dia dah takde! hahaha!!

ha ah. uncle datang saja2 je. kat rumah takde orang, dah bosan asyik tengok tv.
i miss being around people. so i thought, why not! so will this be a good show? haha! i'll buy one cd la ye. brape? RM15? murah nye! haha!

i know i will enjoy da show!
ok ok, if i get tired, i'll excuse myself ye! hope your cousin dont mind.

thanx again!

-Hunny Madu's EP Launch, Bangkok Jazz.

i had the urge to hug him and cry when he told me this.
wouldnt you?


woody said...

really dunno wut to say..
kindda sad but astounded also..
someone came in and talk to you bout his/her life story..

Maria said...

tu la.
i was very honored to have heard this. he was so real and honest. =)