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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

too pretty to be an engineer?

Lumut Industrial Park, 21 April 2009, Tuesday

i got my safety shoes on(which is as big as a boat. baling-kat-anjing-pasti-mati shoes, i call it), my so-called-bullet-proof-jacket and the safety helmet.
went to the yard where the modules of da offshore platform were installed and made.
men everywhere.
they literally stopped.
and gawk.
they freaking gawked at me!

i swear, it was da most painful walk i had ever had to endure.

on the platform, some men had their handphones out, it seemed. i didnt notice coz i was too busy checking da pipelines and the continuity lines.
and they bloody hell took pictures of me!

a fellow colleague came to me and said
"maria, kau ni.. too pretty to be an engineer la"
i was so surprised by dat random comment, i just stared at him.
my mind started reeling.
"wat da hell am i supposed to do then? quit? but im in my 3rd year already.. how am i supposed to pay petronas? will mom get mad? abah?? why am i too pretty to be an engineer? etc etc.."
and i tell you, that wasnt all.
my colleague also said i was distracting his workers.
and dat he's getting stressed out coz he feels he has to look after me and himself when working.

im a freaking burden rupanya.

Lumut Industrial Park, 22 April 2009

i tried to act professional when i went onboard.
i had my serious face on, i was very independent and i moved swiftly between the pipes and oh! i got into a separator! i was inside the vessel!! i felt like crying due to overwhelming feeling of awesomeness(pelik kan?) and i was grinning like a stupid 5 year old after dat.
the men could estimate my age after witnessing my reaction. they assumed i was 18 years old.
so my colleague came up to me and said
"maria, gambar kau dah org distribute dah kat sini"
i was angry of course, but he was laughing so i didnt know if i was supposed to take it as a compliment or complain about it.
i decided to let it go. if they liked a belacan-faced-rambut-messy-18 year old girl, then i hope u'll get a hell of a beating from your wives.
so now these questions still linger in my mind.

am i too pretty to be an engineer?
wat da hell am i supposed to do now?


Anonymous said...

you should start selling used panties. u'll shock how it will be a good business.

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[YeOp] said...

u r pretty. but it doesn't mean u can't be an engineer ;)

p/s: let me share with u a true story. i work in a plant. few weeks ago, ada sorang awek ni msk plant sbb nak kasi briefing psl apa ntah. the moment that girl stepped into the control room, u know what happened? kecoh beb! (dalam hati i, "diorang ni x penah tgk pompuan ke apa?"


Maria said...

jakun as hell, they are. if u cant understand why, imagine us girls.

Inana Douie said...

cool gila masuk separator!!!!!!!!!!!!!

biar babe. memang macam tu because they hardly see women on the platforms. more like deprived. heheh.

pretty engineer is a plus plus point ok.

thepinklover said...

i tag u

Drum Kit said...


kuchai said...

too pretty to be a human. transfer to sport car pls.

why.don' said...

transform jd gadis cantik pls.

Maria said...

err.. sports car?
bmw la cool!
wahahaha!! said...

ha pls tell 'ai' its not our fault semua contractor2 bodo tu gatal..stucked there for 2months..jiwa membara jalan ke platform sambil dgr monyet2 memekak..ergh

ErneyErney said...

ahahaha..been there,done that la babe.
but after awhile, dah lame2 siket they treat me just like one of the boys, kene buli sioooot..hahaha

Diorg ni ingt kite ni some sort of entertainment ke?

Maria said...

tu la kan!
to think that most of them are org berpelajaran kan..

ladycapulet said...

haha!i so love this entry!pretty with brain right?:-)xkan la cantik je jadi model..huhu

Maria said...

betul! beauty with brauns. =B

Merissa K. said...

heheh. eleh maria, tak payah blur lebih lebih pls nak be flattered or nak complain.

orang puji, just senyum and ckp dalam hati : yes aku hot!


woody said...

dunno wut to say..