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Thursday, April 2, 2009

friday 13th? no no. Thursday 2nd.

you think friday the 13th is bad luck? nguahaha!

1. woke up in the morning, and had a cirit attack. causing my lateness to work.

2. had mom send me to the lrt station and in the lrt, i was harrassed. by a perut-buncit-muka-macam-bapak-orang-and-wearing-baju-kerja-asshole-and-following-me-everywhere-i-went-and-always-standing-directly-behind-me pervert and i couldnt push him away cos it was TOO PACKED and i was stupid. konon nya didnt want to make a scene while pushing my hips forward(to avoid his disgusting birdie), with my bag at my ass, and right elbow out into his disgusting stomach. it was really difficult balancing myself in that position.. sampai kebas kaki! i should've stand up for myself. tegur him or something(mom said to punch da guy next time) but its ok. lesson learned, there wont be a next time.

3. lunch time, at kfc, a guy dropped his pepsi on to my head. my hair wasnt dat soaked (thank God) and my ass was wet. nasib pakai sling bag. can hide da wetness. and no, i had no spare clothes and i was wearing my kebarung. my hair got sticky and keras even after i rinsed it. my colleagues were confused why i was so calm when it happened. entah. tak rasa cam nak marah da guy pun. it was his fault but it was an accident. so why should i sulk when i still have another half of the day? hehe..

i know it seems like i was having a bad day, but honestly, im not that affected.
it was disturbing being harrassed in the lrt, its an experience no woman wants to go through, but its a lesson. never forget your umbrella! weapon is a must in the lrt.

i guess its coz i have so much canned heat in my heels..
so im gonna dance my blues away tonite.

u know, u know this boogie, this boogie is for real,
got so much canned heat, canned heat in my heels.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey,did u realize yg ur bag kinda saved u covered u frm da fat ass,n it covered ur ass frm the 'my-ass-got-pepsied' look..ngehngeh