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Monday, March 23, 2009

one of the many 'almost hit by a motor' incident

as i was crossing the busy road in kl,
a motorist was heading towards me.

i tried to evade.
i took a step in front. he jerked his motor at me.
i took a step back. again, he jerked his motor at me.
i guess our reflexes move in the same direction.

"eik?" was all i thought of.
so i stopped. in the middle of the road, watching the motorist coming directly at me.
nothing stopped except me.
i could feel ppl in motion everywhere and i know i should be in it too.
my mind was telling me to move, but my body was to afraid to listen.

the motorist swerved around me.
he didnt show rude hand signals nor did he raise his fist or glare at me.
he simply rode by, making my hair fly like its made of cloth.

then i continued on to the other side of the road. and exhale.
didnt know i was holding on to my breath the whole time.

i got into the office, put my bags down, and went into the surau.
thanking God for not letting me die like dat.
and slept.
for an hour.
not because i was in shock, but simply because i was dead sleepy.

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