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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the mystical chain

i dont know who's da scriptwriter for How I Met Your Mother, but i tell you, he's very experienced.

i dont remember which episode and which season but i remember vaguely about Barney Stinson saying something about "the chain of apentah".

today is a hell of a day.
it started this morning.

a tanker came in and some procedures were supposed to be followed. someone had to tell her boss that some procedures were ignored by my friend who was in charge then. call dis someone J la.
so my friend, R, was screamed at, scolded, humiliated and accused for something she was not guilty of.
i found my friend here, crying in the back room, so i comforted her and tried to listen to her through her sobs.
then my boss cari dia. again she was attacked. this time, at least i was with her so i asked my boss to wait for her to calm down and dat he shouldnt pressure her just yet.
so then my friend took in a few big gulps of air and went into my boss's room where other bosses were waiting. to hear her side of the story.
so there. settled. it wasnt her fault, but J's. basically si J ni twisted R's words and told her boss, who then got angry at R, padahal si R did nothing wrong. there wasnt supposed to be any drama pun! tapi tu la..

the chain was on.
after my friend dah ok, i pulak tak ok.
some problems kat sana.
i wasnt emotionally stable la kot. i mean, i was angry at my boss ni for blindly blame my friend without having seen evidence or reason. i was angry at J for making up stories and causing all the unnecesary drama. i was sad for R who was victimised and confronted when it wasnt her fault.
then when my problem came. i wasnt feeling right. i was emotional. irrasional.
sampai a few ppl asked me if i was alright.
i didnt know it showed on my face. so i pushed it away and help around more. get distracted.

then my other friend,L, lak kena.
she was just kidding with another colleague, T.
so T ni was scolded by J i mentioned above.
when my friend was joking around with her, T took it to heart and blasted my friend off and left the lab immediately.
i kejar la T, and begged her to tell me wat she was angry about and why.
then T cakap la she was scolded and (also) victimised by J after the meeting with the bosses. so she wasnt in the right mood. after a lot of pujuking and convincing her that it was not anyone's fault and dat it was just not a good day for everyone, she calmed down and had no hard feelings for my friend,L, ni.

when i got back to the lab, i found L in tears.
she said she felt so bad but she didnt understand why T got offended.
so i explained. she's better now, thank God.

then dis J kan, she wont stop! she went to all the bosses, and bring this issue up when its not needed(ppl have work to do la pompuan) and she actually raised her voice to them! i tak tau la why she couldnt just stop trying to win over everyone and apologise.

now hopefully the chain stops, coz dammit, im tired.

stop chain, stop.

moral of this episode: dont start the chain. dont blindly accuse someone. find answers or solutions. dont create unnecesary drama. get to the bottom of the case. then take action. not by blaming.



Anonymous said...

im sorry that a chain occured 2day..u take care

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

bunuh J.

Merissa K. said...

barney punya theory semua mmg hebat and betul.

saya cinta barney.
awak cinta?