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Saturday, January 24, 2009

safety first


it has been a hectic week. i have been standing a lot, walking up and down, office to office, sampai bontot sakit!
everytime i want to sit, surely an important person walks past la, calls me la suruh amik tu amik ni or ask questions which i can get fed up of answering, and macam macam la!
to these ppl, sitting down is 'not professional'. it potrays 'laziness' and 'takde-keje-ness'.
they like to see u all screwed up.
to them, dat means ur doing something other than nothing.

so yeah, i cant take my phone around. and yeah, i have to curi2 bukak gmail.
few times kena kantoi.. but nasib baik by the managers. not da CEOs.
and lately ni, memang they wont let me go until 8pm.

tadi in the lab, i think i inhaled too much chloroform. it was after lunch. liza & rajes had their masks on, and i didnt. i didnt know what they were testing so i just sat next to them and observed.
they poured in the chloroform into the mixture. THEN it happened.
i rasa pening ngantuk cam nak pengsan.
my legs felt wobbly and when i stood straight, i felt very unstable. a whiff was all it took to make me feel dat. but takpe, i thought. lek luuuuu.
then it got worse.

i dah nak pengsan rasanya.
i went into the gc room to relax myself.
went online sat noh.

at 6pm tadi, i excused myself and went home. i told liza to tell my boss i wasnt feeling well. it was true la. my sight was in and out of focus! i dah cam nak mampus takut tebabas bila drive balik.

i felt like katak atas meja dalam bilik biology before kena bedah.
takut, but nak tido.

nasib baik after showering and drinking lots of h20, i felt better and normal again.

so conclusion nya rakan rakan,
pakai lah mask when u are using chloroform. or any chemicals for that matter.

ps: i lalok pening cam org gila, sampai i left my fly open. good thing my pants have dat excess material behind da zipper, if u know wat i mean. so nothing was exposed. liza & rajes wouldnt stop making fun of me when i told them. cried with joy they did. nasib diorg blanje sate haji samuri. tak terasa sgt..



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