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Thursday, December 11, 2008

thank God tmrw's Friday

i was at the biodiesel plant control room. the plant was just about to start its first run-through. so there i was, observing the simulation (which was cool btw), and asking this one chinese lad who's been kind enough to explain all the questions i've asked. even the simple ones. then we started talking la. he asked all da basic stuff la like where im studying, budak mana, UTP? apa tu?, etc.. then, a CEO came into the room. i introduced myself.
"my name's Maria"

pastu dat chinese guy cam terperanjat sgt kot

i cam "yeah?"

he let out an exclamation. then he said "i tot u chinese!!! aiyah.. no more chance oledi."


control room gak.
was talking to the designer of the equipments. as we were talking, his glasses berkabus. we both terkejut sementara. then we looked around. we were surrounded by steam! it was like sauna in there! i was so scared, i ran outside and went to this group of guys la. they were looking at the source of the steam which was the hot oil tank. i was so freaking scared.. dalam hati i dah terfikir my loved ones. i was even thinking about calling my mom to tell her that she can keep my Harry Potter collection. after about 10mins, the steam lessened and all was well.
i went back to the control room. and then a chinese guy came to me and asked if i was scared.
dgn muka confident and strong
i said "tak la. ala, benda kecik je."
kalau dia tau...
tak macho kot.



paan terjatuh lagi. said...

hahahahaha.tak macho?hahahahaha

p/s : intern bosan ok,kerja lawat n komen blog orang aja.

Maria said...

tu la kot. sempat update blog lak tu.hehehe..

Inana Douie said...

tak macho?

Maria said...

hey ins, i can be macho too k!

Adreen Nordin said...

hahahaha.. belog u patut bagi tajuk macho la sangat. hahahaha

Alysha J. Camins said...

hi kak, nak tanye, chemE best x?