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Friday, December 19, 2008


Dear friends,

I really, REALLY, REALLY need your help on my new 'secretariat' task.
I have to make a report. A 500 page report.

This is what my report should cover:
1. Falling Film Evaporator
2. Agitated Thin-film evaporator
3. Wiped thin-film evaporator
4. Short Path Distillation

I need to make a report on these technologies in biodiesel recovery and glycerine recovery..
so if you friends have time..
if you found any helpful sites..
it would really help..
coz i need to compile by next week..
and i dont have much time..

with exported strawberry jam and hersheys chocolate sprinkled on top?

ps: i do not like my sv. i repeat. i DO NOT like my sv.


paan terjatuh lagi. said...

kill him,or nak voodoo aja dia?

p/s:word verifivation harini 'bless'

Maria said...

hmmm.. i nak hire hitman je. kalau voodoo, nanti kena voodoo balik. takut kot. haha!
yeah. bless my soul.

Diana said...

wish u luck with ur task umi!!

jgn giv up yahh..

ErneyErney said...

hahaaa,well nak tolong pon mcm blank gile tros bile bace all the topics.haha.'falling film'mcm kenaaaal jer.haha.but yg laen tuu...mintak laa..huhu.

Maria said...

thank u for da support

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

wow. biodiesel. aku impressed.

orang sudah kerja di biodiesel plant. aku masih memerah minyak kelapa sawit.

p/s: aku mau follow a'an. word verifivation harini 'spasms'