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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Full of Murugesan

- R&D/QC lab
1. Quality Manual
2. organization chart
3. job description
4. equipment inventory list
5. std. operating procedure

-Plant management
1. calculate pump suction head required
2. NPSHa

-Production site
1. check product at biodiesel plant
2. send sample to R&D lab
3. calculate amount of FFA contamination

i kinda..sorta..almost understand wat im supposed to do here.. i think. i run around from one place to another, from the lab to da refinery to da biodiesel plant. then, when i dont understand about something, i ask. and when i ask, they ask me back. not in a Azrybo way tho. they're nice about it la.
like yesterday.
i asked da plant manager
"sir, why does da deodorizer has to be at a high position?"

"what do u think?"

i dunno.. dats y i asked, isnt it?
"err.. coz.. pressure...?"

"okay. here's wat i want u to tell me by the end of da day. why is da deodorizer placed at 3 metres above ground and design a pump for me and tell me the pipe size"

bontot. aku tanya kau, kau tanya aku balik. with extras lak tu.. haihh..

so yeah. i ran around trying to complete as many tasks as possible and by the end of da day, i didnt have an answer. da only thing i found was Bernoulli principle.
dengan muka tebalnya, i went into his office and gave him an honest answer.

"sir, i have no idea."

"*laughs* come let me teach u"
and so he taught me how to calculate the size of the pipes, how to design da pump and told me why da bloody deodorizer is 3 metres above ground.
i would tell all of you chemical engineers but im too lazy to put in equations and such.
these people are very nice, despite their very busy-sampai-tak-balik-till-9am-the-next-day schedule, they are not tired of sharing wateva knowledge they have. imagine a plant-ful of Murugesans'. with his slang jugak ok.
comel kan? hehehe.. yeah, dats how being an interns' like so far.
apart from all da office work i have to do i love it

to all interns in selangor:
i wish all of u sakit perut sbb sembelit this thursday. MUAHAHAHAH!!
coz i tak cuti kerana saya di senawang..


paan terjatuh lagi. said...

KL tak cuti.bdk2 intern slangor dah kata nak jalan2 da.dem tak boleh ikut.hahaha,yes biar mereka saket perut sebab salah makan di mapley.

Maria said...

yeah! damn them selangor-ans. padahal im a selangor-an.. ='|

Inana Douie said...