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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Oh good times.

I am not so sure if it's because i am the only girl in the family (among my siblings), or maybe this is a normal thing, but for a good many years, i wasn't good at sharing.

I didn't realise it until i got married. Living with a man is definitely not easy.

So anyways, i suddenly remembered some episodes that now i find so ridiculous 😂

There was a time when i got so annoyed at my husband for using the cup/spoon etc right after i washed it.

I don't know why!

And there was also a time when i get so annoyed that he would drink coffee and just leave his mug in the sink. In my mind, i thought that if he could put it in the sink, he could have washed it, so why didn't he?

And there was this one time when we stayed in a hotel, and because the towel was not enough for all of us, we had to share (we didn't ask for more towels sebab kena bayar and I AM CHEAPSKATE so i said "we share.") and i straight up told him "yang, jangan basah basahkan towel tu", and he was like "???" coz how can one not be wet after mandi and how else would one be drying themselves if not by using the towel?

After hearing myself said that, i burst out laughing because it sounded so selfish!

And i WAS selfish! 😂😂😂 

(I still kinda am, but because i am aware of it, so it's ok nyehehhehehee)

There were more episodes, but i can't remember now. 

You'd think that after 5 years, you would get used to having a fixed roomate, but all these things happened after 5 years! This year will be our 9th year... wahhhh.. time flew by...

Anyway, yesterday was a holiday so we went to decathlon.

OMG. Nak pergi just to get like 3 things. We ended up staying for few hours and bought so many stuff... Tu pun we ran through our stuff to minimise our shopping. Still a lot. But they're all things that we need and useful. hehe..

I like decathlon. You could see a lot of different sports and hobbies there, and to see people actually looking through archery, camping, hiking, golfing, boxing sections made me feel amazed. I want to have those kind of hobbies too but i got no space for it. I have been wanting to have my own punching bag. The real deal with sand type one but realistically, where in my house can i put it? Absolutely nowhere.

Oh well.

So yeah.

Selfishness and decathlon.

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QV said...

Oh my god. You still updating with your blog. I guess it's like a diary of journey. Thank you for sharing it with your readers. I follow you since I was in high school. You know when org tua tua selalu mcm 'oh, dah besar dah dia ni'

Now, I'm that org tua. Hahaha. I was like 'eh, dah besar dah anak maria elena'