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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

I see, you see, we all see

 Isaac started going to school for such a short time before covid happened, which is kinda sad la sebab he didn't get to enjoy socialising. Not that he is a social butterfly. He is, in fact, quite the opposite. 

He started preschooling at 2ish years old. His personality is that of an observant and timid person, also known as quiet person.

He grew up speaking very minimally and sometimes when we try to strike a conversation with him, he just won't correspond the way we wanted. That being said, he is a very forward person too.

You ask him "how's your day?", he'll answer "it was very fun". And that's it.

"What did you do at school?"

"I play". Ok..

"What did you play?"


Alhamdulillah, eventually he started talking more and now he's talking just fine. 

Anyways, once upon a time, when i was talking to him, asking the usuals;

"So how's school?"

"It was fun", he said. Dah agak dah.

"What did you do?"

"I play blablabla" (don't really remember the convo)

"Oh, i see"..  me wondering what are the right questions to get him talking more, when...

"No you didn't see. You were not at my school", he answered.

I was so amused and he said this to anyone who said "i see", whether it be their grandparents, uncles, aunt, or his father.

And he was right 😂  

We didn't see so how dare we said we saw it, when we weren't even there? The audacity of us!


Fast forward to today, we still say "i see". Sorry isaac. We still have our audacity 😝


syasandeul said...

hahaha never thought of that. the audacity of adults i guess? :P

syaheerasanusi said...

Thanks for correcting us Isaac! :DD
Anyway, I just want to say thank you for still writing, Maria.
I like reading yours and I want to be actively writing as well. But always sangkut and end up not posting. hehe