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Sunday, July 15, 2018

I'm Not The Same Again

Hello hellooooow~

So i've been meaning to blog more but seriously my computer is so slow, i get stressed out before i can even start!
Nak repair, malas sebab nak kena keluarkan duit.
I already spent so much for my car's repair 😭

So much has happened but i jadi malas nak share and when i do share, i jadi malas nak explain 😅
It's so weird.
Because the "me" that i used to know and be, used to not mind explaining and telling a story from beginning to the end. Even if it means repeating myself many times. I enjoyed talking.
Now, i just summarise and if orang tu faham, then good. Kalau dia tak faham, i won't repeat or explain further. I just biar je.

Told my husband about it, and it's as if we switched personalities.
He was supposed to be the Introvert, and me the Extrovert.

Now, i'm the Introvert and he's the Extrovert. 
He sees his friends more than i've ever seen mine.
He's even more active on whatsapp than i am! I nak reply whatsapp kat my own family group pun rasa macam terpaksa.

I used to be able to talk to anyone, strangers and friends.
Now, i stay away from strangers and only choose to talk to people i know personally.

Take an example from recent raya open house. I had to 'mingle' around, and i found it so difficult and uncomfortable. I just wanted to go home and relax.
But i forced myself to because i told myself i don't want to sabotage myself.
And at the end of the day, i was soooo tired and i fell asleep super early.
I told my husband about it, and he said, that was how he felt at social settings.

What is happening to me?

It's so strange.

My husband said it's probably because i've been alone for a long time, that i have probably adapted the introvert personality.

I wonder if that's true.

So i took the personality test (at
and YUP.
I'm an introvert now! 😂

It's so strange.
But it makes so much sense now.

It is strange because i literally am really different than before, and i didn't know it!

To be honest, the whole purpose of me doing this blogpost was to write about how lazy i am at explaining myself to people, to the point that i become super lazy at sharing stuff on social media, but i force myself anyway because i thought i was sabotaging myself. 😂

What is happening to me, seriously.
Oh well!

Maria The Fun One, has turned into Maria The Socially Awkward and Boring Mom.

Even my kids don't want to hang out with me because i'm boring and garang. Hahahahaha!!
Story of my life 🙆

What have you done to me?!!?


Ahmad Firdaus said...

Extrovert will come again later when your kids all grown up. My mom mcm tu percaya laaaa ������
Take care ❤❤

Cerita Chempaka said...

Nanti boleh gain stamina semula. Let start with jogging.

@mnsiabrubah said...

Mungkin betul juga tu. Bila lama tak hang out dengan kawan-kawan dan lama tak ada masa 'gila-gila' macam dulu2 tu buat kita rasa awkward nak bersosial balik. Cuba la keluar dengan kawan2 lama, cari balik 'kelakar-sempoi-menggelabah-tapi-muka-cool' Maria yang dulu.. hhehehehe.. InsyaAllah jumpa k.. :)

take care sis..


Slumber Lady said...

Kak Maria! Same with me. I took the test too masa borak-borak dengan suami. And turns out I'm introvert sekarang. I used to be an extrovert during university times.

Guess being a home-stay parent did something to us. Haha.

But being introvert is not that bad since introvert kan jenis yang banyak buah fikiran. Hoho.

Vitamin Syaza (VS) said...

Kak Maria, i dont think kak maria introvert. Ambivert yes. Combination of both (intro and extro). #pepaandai jeee hahaha

Farah Afifa said...

People change. I bet you extrovert self will come back to you when Nadrah grows older. Visit my blog!

Shai MommyLotte said...

Pretty much motherhood change us a lot, inside and outside :D

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Wani said...

sameee, i'm very introvert now and i hate it. but not because of motherhood. anyone ever experienced the same situation and able to revert to being extrovert again? share any tips pleasee

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