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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My first Weekly Vlog!

I've stopped making youtube videos couple of years ago because of these reasons:
1. I got married. I didn't want to give people some 'ammo' to diss my husband, saying he doesn't "didik bini dia". 
2. I got comments like "kesian bapak dia" and stuff, and those comments yang actually made me reflect on #1.
3. I got lazy too. Recording wasn't as easy as it is now. Dulu camera takde flip screen. Many times i shot videos that were out of focus and tak dengar, so i gave up. Bahahahaha =p
4. Editting pun payah dulu. Now there're more friendlier softwares. So yeah.

After so long, and 2 kids later, baru i rasa macam "this isn't going to be as hard as before. Jom cuba balik?".

I recently start making short videos on instagram (#ummipeliks) and i felt like i can have fun doing it now. 

And then i got a new camera sebab my old one dirosakkan (ehem.. ada orang tu hempas kan bag where i put my camera in.. habis rosak langsung camera tu.. sayang), and i like how the camera punya video quality. It's an EOS M6, in case you're wondering.

So then, i began shooting some shots and then got inspired to make a weekly vlog, because daily is too crazy and most likely be boring.
Here it is!

Now i make videos with more care & love (sebab it involves my family) and like i said, it's easier now hehe!

Btw, in case juga, i edit my video with Filmora on computer.

I don't know how to end this.
So bye!

PS: What should i call my weekly vlog? 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Autism

Assalamualaikum & what is up!

So we've made 3 parts for our podcast talking about Autism with our friend and guest, Aishah Amin.

Just a lil bit of background, Aishah's eldest son is moderately autistic. And so we discussed and try to understand more about children of the spectrum.

Nowadays, alhamdulillah the exposure and awareness of disorders like autistic, down syndrome, ADHD, Asperger, even eating disorder, etc are good as compared to like, 5 years ago.

I've seen some people having meltdown in public and dulu, orang selalu ingatkan the parents macam tak reti ajar anak kinda thing.. Now, it's so different! People who are understanding offers help to the parents, give kind words and are more patient. There's even a cafe called The Autism Cafe Project!
Check that out heeeeerrreeeee!

I don't know if you remember iklan raya 2017 but I bet you watched it too, sebab ni iklan raya kot. And iklan raya, you know la how touching gila iklan masa raya!! Haha!
Kalau lupa, nah.
Please refresh your memory =p

Amazing kan =')

I have the highest respect for parents with special children =')

Talking to Aishah about autism really did made me understand so much about autism, eventhough we were only touching the surface. She was a lecturer so tu yang dia pandai convey her knowledge & experience!
I really urge you to listen to our 3 episodes on it and hopefully it will make you respect, understand, and be kind to people who are different and special, and inshaAllah know what to do when we see people who needs help.

Who knows, sometimes even the smallest of gestures like offering tissue, or a smile, can give such relief to others who are distressed and can even make them feel stronger and patient.

So come and have a listen if you haven't already!
Episode 11, 12 & 13 k! =D

So as usual,
my awkward sign off,