Monday, December 3, 2012

Star Bank

assalamualaikum =)

so we've all seen advertisements in magazines and newspapers.
pernah tak rasa cam "I can do way better than that!" sebab your creativity juice awesome? =p

i've seen many adverts yang buat i geram sangat sebab rasa cam motip?! especially those slimming products. i saw one advert where the model punya kaki memang nampak gila kena photoshop sebab the sides macam not smoothly erased. seriously!?!? geram tul. rasa cam nak amik the shop board tu ha and re-edit it myself.
padahal i tak terror pun nak buat all this graphic stuff. =p

ok, so let me help you channel your creativity to a contest that can just win you RM5000!!!
featuring yourself!!!
contest nya bernama....... Be A Maybank2u Star Contest!!!
takyah model model ke apa, just use your own picture!
simple je! letak headline, put your coolest awesomest pic, write about 80 characters or less about Maybank2u has helped you before, and voila!
submit your entry, and you could just win RM5000!

and kamannnn, maybank has helped me a lot! in terms of financing la. i find it really reliable! the customer service never failed in helping me, the maybank2u app for phones is one of my favourite app, coz i can buy movie tix without having to line up or guna computer =p annnndddd it's user friendly! i'm sure many maybank users can agree with this =)

also pasal the contest, you can submit sebanyak mana sukahati andaaaa! Maybank will give you 15 facebook credits for your first submission!
and if you're a blogger, you can win an Asus Nexus 7 Tablet too!

contest ni dah start dah, from 1 Nov and it'll end this 31st December, so sila bukak maybank account (if you dont have one yet), activate maybank2u, siapkan your advert, and upload it at !

All the best!!!

salam =) 

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Deena Yahya said...

Betul dear,i am maybank2u user..maybank2u never failed me la stakat ni.hehee...coz pernah 5-6 times try nak tranfer money for ASB using the other internet banking..huhuuu...x lepas.wen try maybank2u,just one click,dah successful...legaaa...