Monday, November 12, 2012

a strong person is a person with a strong heart


i can never get over Project Listen.
there're so many stories shared and honestly, all of them inspired me.

so many brave people shared their stories.. i rasa cam i ni baby gila compared to them..
apa la sangat haters pun nak kecoh kan.

This is a story shared by Jackie Ng, and it's very inspiring.
she became paralysed because of the brain tumour, and how her dreams were unreachable.. but yet, she moved on, and still able to be positive! it's amazing!

and here is a story shared by sis Bibi, a blind teacher.
the allowance money she got, she gave to a school. ya Allah... mulianya dia.. you have to read her full story!!
dia ajar braille Al-Quran, siap ada buat tazkirah and kelas hadis!

it's so amazing how many people have gone through real hard times, but manage to just get up and live the way they can.
it's amazing how being disable doesn't stop a person from doing what's right.
it's amazing how strong people are, despite the hardships.

i don't know the people in project listen, but i am so thankful that they shared their personal stories.
i wish i could tell them how much they affected me.
and i hope i can grow to be a strong person when i'm faced with difficulty =')
in sha Allah

and you (yes you yang tengah baca ni), i know you have something you can share! just share k?

who knows, you might save a life today =)


fadila anindeta said...

subhanallah,, semoga kita selalu bersyukur.. thanks for sharing maria,, <3

محمد رازيق said...

subhanallah, great teacher. bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, juga berkongsi dengan ilmu yang ada

Dyah Rahmi said...

Hi.. i'm from Indonesia.. I do love very much to reading your blog. Such an inspiration :)

abah khalisha said...

ya betul tu..abah setuju..demi anak beliau akan lakukan apa shaja

Fesyen Janggut Yang Sangat Col

fazlin_lutfi said...

Salam kakak..blh bg link x?i wud like to read but i cant find it...prbbly sstem down but dunno..may ask u to share d link pls...;) tq sis!