Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On RedFM

Assalamualaikum =D

woah, so the other day i was interviewed by Linora from RedFM.


wwoooooooooottttttttttt!!! kembang hidong sioooooooootttt! ok tak blushing dah. ahak!
i was last weeks' RedFM's blogger of the week. i wasn't expecting it, obviously. i didn't think a radio station would actually give recognition to bloggers. and me, for that matter!
i was shocked and honoured la ahak ahak ahak!!
dah la i memang dengar redfm! thank you la Linora cantik molek wo ai niiiiiiii! =B

my matrix number when i was in utp was 1049* (should that be a secret? ummm.. biar la.)
so i made my friends memorise it by saying "1049*" the way redfm's dj would say "redfm 104point9".
creative kan?
muahahhahhahahaha! and memorise for something yang i don't encourage other students to do.
*ok tibe tibe*


i was so nervous while waiting for her call ( i was expecting it already la masa tuuu), and good thing for me, she called when i finished eating on my lunch hour!
alhamdulillah perut dah kenyang, mulut pun renggang.

Linora (redFm Dj btw) asked me several questions like how did I start blogging, and when, then the best experiences from blogging, what inspired me to write, and how I dealt with sharing personal stuff on my blog.
I don’t quite remember answering the questions, to be honest, because I was so nervous and was literally sweating cold sweats then. Good thing it was recorded! Woot!

Btw, ‘Kak Diana’ was a made up name. Too embarrassed to say the real name. Haha!
oh! When she mentioned about my Harry Potter adventure and said it's awesome of me to call JK Rowling and Emma Watson my mamasitas, just made me miss those days. good times.. good times.. =')

anyway, i would like to thank Linora and RedFM for having me as 'Blogger of the Week'.
my speech.. sounds so honest.. =')

please follow RedFM on  twitter or facebook, for more of their contests and updates!

Thank you RedFM =D 


.masampahitgula. said...


keli menari said...

wahh. diana ! diana !haha

nurmujahidah said...

WAH,,, i love you to maria,,, :D

Nina Johari said...

ruginya tak dapat dengar

aneff.marhfiz said...

kak diana ! kak diana ! >.<

FJ said...

Sorry terpaksa kacau kat sini, I tunggu u reply my tweet tapi belum ada respon. Wanted to ask about the inner maxi dark brown n white saiz L, ada lagi tak?

Pastelove Good said...

u owez being ohsem la kak maria!! adore u so much! ^^

hananotgojes said...

u memang awesome kak maria!!

Icha Ramadhani ButarButar said...

mariaaaaaaaaaaa luv youuuuuuuuu

Captain Jet said...

you sounded different but it's still cute though! :P

dyna syamsuri said...

kak maria kak maria. hehe
ur blog ohsem!

Suzana said...

<3 U Maria!!!!!! Hope U remember me who were Conteng ur muka... kikikiki~~~

Reflisia said...

oh! Kelassss Ko Maria...u memang ohsem dear =)

Kifli Mally said...

nothing much change maria is just the maria we know :) cool


Wawa Tasliman said...

maria yang awesome.. :)

Aliff Haikal said...

awesome superb ! :3

Cik tikah said...

untunglah bedah. hahaha...

Izzati IH said...

Kak diana ohsem! Eh eh :P

arim said...

kak maria, love your voice!! :)

NadyaBubble said...

Wah wah, congrates ! Awesome habis lah :D

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